Most Canadians Oppose Bill C-51

According to a newly released Forum Research Poll, most Canadians say that they are against Bill C-51. In a random sampling from among 1239 Canadian voters, only 51 per cent said that they favor new and further anti-terror legislation. This number has declined from the 56 per cent support that lingered around March of this year, which is even further down from the 70 per cent support that was listed back in November 2014 when this Bill was first introduced as is. The trend continues, as more Canadians are becoming aware of this unjust piece of legislation and the dangers that it poses to our civil liberties.

Results from the same poll suggest that 7 in 10 voters are now aware of Bill C-51, thanks to the numerous academic professionals, and others, who have come out to speak-up against the dangers posed by this bill. Only one third of the voters who are aware of Bill C-51, say that they still support it; this is only 33 percent support from those who know what this bill is about. Even Alberta, which is arguably the most conservative province, opposes this bill with a majority of 54 per cent. It's clear that more people are realizing that this bill will have a negative effect on their lives, rather than adding more safety like it has promised to.


Canadians seem overwhelmingly annoyed, frustrated, and tired of the Harper government. Harper has demonstrated on repeated occasion that he is willing to place corporate interests ahead of the well-being of citizens. He is more concerned with unjustly bombing Syria, than he is with trying to improve conditions for Canadians at home. He has showcased his loyalties, and they are not in favor of the Canadian people. Despite many legal scholars and security experts warning against this bill, Harper and his government supporters have continued to try and push it through anyways. 

The Harper government has shown blatant disregard for due process of law in this country, and it has endangered our natural (and Constitutionally-protected) rights by trying to pass through this invasive and overreaching piece of legislation. Amendments have been offered to the bill, due to the growing discontent from various professionals for it, however these amendments are overly broad and again present the possibility for broad violations to civil liberties. These amendments don't address the underlying fact that this bill is unnecessarily in that it only provides the state with more power, and does little to demonstrate any other benefit that will be had (to anyone) from its passage. Thankfully, more Canadians aren't buying the skewed promises that have been made on behalf of this bill, and they are continuing to stand against it. More people are waking up to the reality that they should be more readily afraid of car accidents and drownings, than they should fear any terrorist attack. Conservative fear-mongering isn't showing to be as effective this time around as it usually is. Despite the decline in support over the last few months, and the concerns that have been repeatedly brought forth by many respected individuals in the field of law, security, and justice, the Conservatives seem illogically poised to push bill c-51 through.




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