Montebello- Police intimidation

This video shows how the police continued to build up the intimidation level throughout the day. The crowd was doing fine, then the first group of riot police came marching out and formed a line. They had no masks and a white patch on their shoulder. The crowd took notice and approached the line. Things were fine for a few hours, but then another group of police switched places with the first ones. This second group had a red patch instead of a white one (a little more intimidating). As a result of that, the crowd got a little more worked up. After a few more hours, those cops were switched for ones wearing gas masks. Again as a result the crowd was getting a little bit more worked up. Then the next "shift change" brought on the full on black storm trooper looking cops with gas masks, shields and clubs. It was at this point that one guy began pushing and throwing stuff (most likely a provocateur in light of recent evidence), and right away about 15 or 20 idiots joined in on the aggressiveness (because the intimidation level had provoked them to that stage). That's when all hell broke loose. Everything would have been fine if the wall of police never came out in the first place. It is my opinion that the whole event was carefully planned. The riot police understand the mob mentality and most importantly how to manipulate it.

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