Monsanto’s worst enemy is an educated public

By: Heidi Osterman

The recent March against Monsanto bewilders some. Many don’t know who or what Monsanto is and wonder why they should care.

Monsanto is an American mega-corporation that produced chemicals like Agent Orange, the birth defects from which are still with us today. It also produced the chemicals 2, 4-D, dioxin, saccharin, PCB and Aspartame.

The chemical company ignores its harmful past and wants to advance control over the world food supply.

Monsanto has bought out seed companies. Do you really want all food to be controlled by Monsanto? The corporation promotes itself as wanting to feed hungry people. However it has patents on life itself.

They do genetic mix-up (combining genes from different species) so the new seed is able to produce its own pesticide from within so it can be sprayed with herbicides like Roundup and not die. All natural plants, including weeds (like milkweed) will die after being sprayed. Poor Monarch butterflies, as their young are totally dependent on milkweed for survival.

But the world will go on without butterflies.

I grew up in Kelowna and remember collecting clams from Gyro Beach. In my yard, I remember all the grasshoppers, beetles and ladybugs, slugs, etc. What happened to them? I guess evolution was wrong and we don’t need them either.

Now, bees are dying. I think we need them rather badly, as they are the unpaid workhorse of agriculture. One of every three bites of food you eat is pollinated by bees.

Bio-tech companies like Monsanto claim the die-off has nothing to do with their products. The industry claims that neonicotinoids are not to blame for bee colony collapse and they say “Roundup pesticide is safer than Aspirin.” Monsanto supporters claim Roundup is less toxic than coffee.

I do invite them over for a cup of Roundup herbicide. I will stick to coffee and take an aspirin. We will figure it out.

Monsanto is the largest chemical/genetically modified seed company, but their friends BASF, Dow, Dupont, and Sygenta all share the same motive. They all want free seeds to become a thing of the past. Farmers should not be allowed to save seeds. Seeds must be purchased from the corporation.

Who do they think they are trying to fool? Poor farmers in developing countries can’t afford expensive patented seeds and all the chemicals like glyphosate that are tied to their contract. Sadly, the poor farmers who believed in the corporate model have committed suicide by the thousand in India.

So, in the end, who do you believe? Do you believe Monsanto or the people who protest around the world for our common good?

Jeffrey Smith, the most recognized speaker in the world about GMOs and the effects on human health is speaking tonight at Okanagan College. The True Food Foundation and Nature’s Fare Market are sponsoring this public awareness event and want you to come and learn the truth for yourself.

Monsanto’s worst enemy is an educated public.

Heidi Osterman,

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