Military Intervention Helps ISIS

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is fanatical. All states are, once you get past the branches and into the root.


But the ISIS gang are just like Al Qaeda. The worst kind of tyranny you can imagine. Civilian butchering masquerading as a nation-state. Imagine if that, in the West, the enviro-fascists started driving around, butchering people in the street for exhaling carbon dioxide. Imagine, if these enviro-fascists imposed their will on a population that didn't really want them, but were powerless to stop it. You'd want to nip that in the butt, right? Destroy the insurgency before it grows? Before it becomes legitimatized.


Replace environ-fascism in the West for Islamic radicalism in the Middle East and that's exactly what's happening in Syria and Iraq. As far as tactics and beliefs go, there's practically no difference between Al Qaeda and whatever you want to call this new group. ISIL or IS.


They are extremist. But right now they're land-pirates in a desert landscape surrounded by enemies. The people they rule over, the Sunni Arabs, have every reason to hate them and want to be rid of them. The ISIS are pirates that have imposed their violent order in a lawless territory. The Sunnis govern themselves by tribes but the state apparatus is governed by Baghdad Shiites. After the Americans left, the state's police, courts and corrupt bureaucracy ignored the Sunni minority. Then in came the foreigners. This rag-tag group of jihadi pirates calling themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria offered governance and less corruption. But, like with the leadership of the Taliban in 1990s Kabul, the leadership of this group are ideological sociopaths.


If there was ever a time for Western governments to stop intervening in the Middle East, now is the time.


It's fashionable to blame Israel but it's admirable to blame yourself. In this context, it is the U.S.' and now Canada's blind allegiance to Israel that has allowed this to happen. Israel aims to drive Bashar Hafez al-Assad out of Syria. Why? To weaken Iran. Why is Iran an enemy? Because they overthrew a U.S. puppet dictator? I don't know but the enemies of Assad include the Islamic State, the ideological enemy of the West. But for purposes of destabilizing the Assad regime, the Americans fund this group.


We are at war with the same people we are funding to overthrow Assad.


Well not “we” unless you mean all of us tax-and-inflation victims. And it's not technically “war” for Canada yet. We've just got 69 guys standing around advising the Americans on how to air-strike empty buildings. The question of using our jets will be decided next week. The Americans bomb at night, when the militants have dispersed into the civilian population. The casualties have been empty buildings and a few unlucky members of the group. Unless the Americans plan onto going full Dresden, there is no way they will eradicate this threat on air-strikes alone. The best thing to do is nothing.


ISIS grows with every Western military intervention. It's that simple. Right now they are a loose band of land-pirates in lawless territory left by US intervention into Iraq. When “we” air-strike, we're providing cover for their enemies – Iranian-backed militias. If we send in troops, we might be able to drive ISIS out, but then what? #OccupyIraqForever ? It's 2003 all over again. Every Western intervention fuels the Islamic State's war propaganda. In the same way the power-elite need a bogeyman for the West, ISIS needs their bogeyman – the West – to intervene with air-strikes, combat troops and by funding their ideological enemies in the region. They thrive on Western intervention. No Western intervention = no ISIS.


The beheadings are the bait and the corporate-state establishment want you to go for it. But the more we intervene, the more powerful ISIS becomes. War is health of the state, and ISIS is a little state looking to increase its power and influence. A direct war with the ideological enemy will only rally people to their cause.


The failure of Western leaders to see this is embarrassing. It is also dangerous. Canadian spy agencies estimate that nearly 160 Canadians have left the country to go fight in Iraq. Up to 40 men have returned to the USA after fighting for ISIS in the Middle East, says a New York congressman. The Department of Homeland Security warns of the open U.S.-Mexican border and “lone wolf” attacks. Do you trust the FBI or RCMP to keep track on all these people and their whereabouts?


Meanwhile, ISIS is still land-locked and nobody likes them. Like the Taliban in Kabul, they alienate the people they govern. If pure violence can be called governance. Their actions are at the root of all states: arbitrary violence. Western civilization prides itself on higher modes of arbitration but it is still based on the initiation of force. Nowhere is this more evident than foreign policy. In attempt to correct past mistakes (which were an attempt to correct earlier mistakes) Western forces are fuelling the fire the enemy needs to expand. ISIS wants Western intervention. ISIS grows every time the West intervenes. Why are we giving them what they want?


Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said that there will be a debate in Parliament before Canada intervenes further. Somebody better bring this up.



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