Mexican President Calls For North American Union

Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto, is in Canada to meet with Justin Trudeau this week, and during his visit he called for “economic integration” of North America; a North American Union (NAU). “Canadians and Mexicans [are] alike [and] share values and development goals,” said the Mexican leader, and he believes that 400 million people “share a single vision of the world we want,” and that is why he is calling for further “economic integration” between the three nations. He called for the opportunity to “bolster innovation and environmental sustainability” and recommended further integration of North America.


Currently, studies in the United States have found that the political system there operates as an oligarchy more than a democracy, the people don't feel very listened to or accurately represented by those who have been tasked with the job. Likewise in Canada, with the passage of TPP, C-51, and other controversial pieces of legislation, Canadians as well are having similar problems with their own “democracy” and government. How could further integration between the Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, be positive, when individually the states themselves don't have their problems sorted out? How could over 400 million people realistically all want the same goal? They don't.


This isn't the first time that the idea of a North American Union has been discussed and we can expect that there will be further mention of it in the future. Trudeau and Nieto, with Obama, want to collectively reinforce the notion to the public that “we are a lot more successful when we tackle shared problems together rather than put up walls,” but their idea of “working together” is forcing people to work together via government legislation; as opposed to promoting the notion that people should voluntarily want to work together in order to achieve success. If one is also in support of truly “free trade” with other nations, then they wouldn't be in favor of any treaties of commerce existing at all, because they would instead promote the idea that each nation should allow any commodity to go freely at its borders. Anything less would be restricted trade, not free trade.




Dan will be at the North American Leaders Summit later this week to cover that event, so be sure to check back for coverage. The Summit is largely expected to be focused on the environment.







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