Massive Volcanic Eruption Poses Major Threat To Human Civilization Researchers Warn

In a paper titled: Extreme Geohazards: Reducing the Disaster Risk and Increasing Resilience, European researchers warn that “extreme geohazards” could possibly lead to massive devastation for the earth and human race. Scientists have attributed the likelihood of a colossal volcanic eruption to the possibility of the human civilization being wiped-out entirely. The proposal has been made by experts from the European Science Foundation, which stressed that present day society wasn't well-equipped to deal with such a hazard. They reported on the possibility of an array of growing hazards, however the majority emphasis was placed on a massive volcanic eruption. Others have also been warning that a possible volcanic eruption or major earthquake on the West coast could occur in the near future, an event which many people would not be properly prepared for.  

Hank Hessler, a park geologist who is stationed at Yellowstone National Park, has indicated that Yellowstone might be the one that we need to look out for, especially since it offers such a wide-range of possibly damage that an eruption might pose. In 2014, at least 1900 earthquakes were documented to have taken place in the area, prompting some to believe that something is on the horizon. It has also been predicted that the distance within at least a 1000 miles of the volcano, could be on the brink of an extinction level event. It has been alleged that ancient Helium4 gas has breached the surface layers of Yellowstone's crust and is now escaping into the atmosphere. Michio Kaku, a famous theoretical physicist, previously stated back in 2011 during a newscast for CNN, that if Yellowstone were to erupt that the United States as we know it would cease to exist. 

image of hypothetical blast radius:

It is predicted that as least the first 100-miles surrounding the blast would be completely wiped out. Following that, ninety percent devastation would span roughly 500 miles from ground zero, which adds-up to a 1000 mile diameter ring that would hypothetically be decimated from the blast. If such an event were to take place, it is expected that the remaining areas would be placed into a state of martial law. However, Canadians may need to fear an earthquake on their own territory or the eruption of their own volcanoes, before they need to fear Yellowstone.  


The West Coast plays host to a variety of dormant volcanoes that hold explosive potential, including Mount Baker, Mount Meager, Tseax Cone, and Mount Edziza. Experts predict that if an earthquake were to hit the West Coast as well, that the earth would “rip open like a zipper,” and cause a horrendous amount of damage to the area. The West has been expecting “the big one” for many years now and no one knows exactly when it will hit, but plenty will affirm that some day it will because of the proximity to major fault lines which have been building-up pressure now for hundreds of years. When the next mega earthquake hits the Vancouver region, experts predict that residents on Vancouver Island will have barely 20 minutes to get to higher ground. They also say that the odds of such an earthquake occurring in the next 50 years are about one-in-10.


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