Marc Emery, the ‘prince of pot,’ may be a liability for the Liberals

By Mark Gollom, CBC News

Marc Emery, the so-called “prince of pot” who has vowed to campaign across the country for Justin Trudeau, could already be getting the brush off from Liberals, who despite their leader’s call for the legalization of marijuana, may not want to be linked to the controversial activist.

“Political parties don’t as a rule like to be associated with controversial figures, especially those who have served jail time,” political strategist Marcel Wieder said.

The 56-year-old Vancouver resident is expected to return to Canada in the next several weeks after having served a five-year sentence in U.S. correctional facilities. He was extradited to Seattle in May 2010, when he pleaded guilty to selling marijuana seeds from Canada to American customers.

Upon his return, he and his wife Jodie Emery have said they will hold rallies in 30 Canadian cities to try to unseat the Conservatives and stir up support for Trudeau, who has said by legalizing pot, the government can tax and regulate it. Jodie Emery has said that she has been wooed by the Liberals to run as candidate in the Vancouver East riding.

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