Man Receives $543 Fine Over Anti-Harper Sign


One Alberta resident has been fined $543 for his anti-Harper car sign that is displayed on his back window of the car. Rob Wells, says that he confirmed the legality of the sign placement before he took to putting it up in his car. Though he was pulled over and given a $543 fine by RCMP, he has affirmed that he will be challenging it in court. “When I refused to let him trample on my Charter rights, he gave me a ticket,” says Wells of the RCMP officer who pulled him over.




In a Facebook post, Wells wrote, “I'll be pleading NOT GUILTY and raising a Charter right defense. I'll also be filing a complaint against the officer for political harassment.” Wells contends that he was well within his legal rights to post the sign on his vehicle.






Wells says that before he put up the sign on his vehicle, that he had “put a lot of thought in,” before he made the move to do so. Some say that the sign may pose a distraction to the driver himself, and therefore be considered a driving hazard, but Wells admits that he has been able to drive to B.C. And back with the sign in place. “Harper supporters are very offensive to me, so being offensive is not illegal in this country.” The ticket was issued for distraction, and Wells is going to be taking the fight to court.


Wells also claims that he has previously run into trouble with the law when it comes to his political views. He claims that he was previously threatened with "criminal prosecution" over a controversial anti-Harper bumper sticker that he had on his vehicle. Now that the official election campaign is underway, and each party is doing their best to rally support from the public, perhaps we can expect to see more signs like this one, from disgruntled Canadian citizens who are ready for a change in political leadership for the country.





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