Luke Rudkowski And Dan Dicks Arrested At Bilderberg 2014! (Media Advisory)

TORONTO - MAY 28, 2014 – Dan Dicks of Press For Truth and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change were arrested at the Marriott Hotel while covering Bilderberg 2014. They were eventually released without being charged with a crime. Reasons given for the arrest were at first “drugs” even though none were found, then after public backlash and a demand for answers the reason given was “engaging in suspicious activity”.

This was an illegal detention of journalists and the rights of the free press were violated.

Activist and investigative journalist Dan Dicks is at the Bilderberg protest in Denmark with his media company, Press for Truth. The protest is taking outside the Marriott Hotel where the 62nd annual Bilderberg meeting is happening. Both the meeting and demonstration will occur from May 29 to June 1. This four-day annual event is an opportunity for activists and citizen journalists to protest the secretive meeting of the world's top financial, political and industrial elite.

ABOUT DAN DICKS: Dan Dicks lives in Toronto, Ontario. His films include: The Nation’s Deathbed, Into The Fire, The Toronto Hearings on 9/11: Uncovering Ten Years of Deception as well as countless video reports through Press For Truth.

ABOUT PRESS FOR TRUTH: When it comes to investigative journalism and documentary film making Press For Truth has emerged as one of Canada’s leading groups who are on the front lines of fighting the new world order. In the last five years we have released five films The Nation’s Deathbed, United We Fall, Into The Fire, The Toronto Hearings on 911, and our latest The Turning Point. Our coverage of the G20 summit, the Bilderberg conferences and similar events have contributed to the growth of our audience which now reaches over two million hits a month (and growing quickly). For more information visit


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