Liberals Promise To Address C-51

The Liberals made promises throughout their campaign last year indicating that they were dedicated to addressing the controversial anti-terrorism legislation Bill C-51, a law that so many Canadians have voiced concerns over. Former Prime Ministers of Canada, security and policing experts, Constitutional scholars, hundreds of legal professors from across the country, a variety of civil liberties societies and advocates, along with tens of thousands of Canadians, have each taken to the street to demonstrate or written in some variety (be it a news column or personal blog post), in order to voice their concerns for C-51. Legal scholars, policing experts, retired officers, and many others, have routinely expressed the affirmation that we don't need to sacrifice our liberty for security.



Now the Liberals say that they are ready to take a look at the law in question and it isn't surprising given the fact that many Canadians have continued to voice their concerns over this bill. Many are waiting to see if the Liberals are going to demonstrate that they seek to protect the civil liberties of Canadians and that they are going to uphold their promises about addressing controversial sections in this bill. However, simply tweaking certain sections of the bill might not turn out to be satisfactory enough for some, as they want to see the bill scrapped in its entirety.

Despite the fact that many have already voiced their concerns for this controversial legislation, the Liberals indicate that they need to hear more and they've stated that they will give more Canadians a chance to voice their concerns before they decide on what changes (if any) to make. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to work with Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould in order to repeal certain elements of the law in question and to introduce new legislation that might strengthen accountability with respect to national security.



If the Liberals don't actually scrap the portions of the bill that seemingly violate basic Charter rights, there is still a hope that the law will be struck down within court. Constitutional scholar Rocco Galati has already indicated that he would press forward with a challenge against C-51 in court. He also previously warned Canadians that they shouldn't vote for any representative who would be in support of C-51, which unfortunately was a law that the Liberals helped the Conservatives to pass.  One legal challenge has already been launched against C-51 by two Toronto-based organizations, both the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and the Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression (CJFE) have filed a lawsuit in response to the bill and that battle is presently ongoing.

Dozens of rallies have been held in the past where tens of thousands of Canadians came out all across the country in order to voice their concerns for this bill. From lawyers and police officers, to civil liberties advocates and famous Canadian writers, many Canadian citizens from all different walks of life, who hold varying political views; want to collectively see C-51 scrapped. 





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