Liberal Government Fights Back Against Calls From NDP For Immediate Decriminalization Of Cannabis

The NDP is looking to get cannabis decriminalized before the government gets its legalization market in place. Many feel that more criminal records shouldn't be assigned for something that they have already agreed will be legal in the future. The NDP made the move this week to introduce an opposition day motion that called on the House of Commons to end the charade and decriminalize cannabis. Unsurprisingly, the Liberal government (that campaigned heavily around legalization) doesn't agree that the plant needs to be decriminalized.


The Liberal government said that they wouldn't go ahead with decriminalization because doing so without the appropriate “controls” in place, would create the opportunity for people to get their hands on possibly unsafe cannabis. Trudeau has said that he does not have any plans to decriminalize the plant and he argues that if Canada were to do that, then it would prompt a “stream of income to criminal organizations,”. 


The motion that was launched by the NDP this week, called on the government to decriminalize simple possession immediately of cannabis; asking the government to recognize the contradiction and hypocrisy in giving people criminal records for something that will soon be considered a non-criminal offense. But never mind operating with discernment, common sense, logic, and reason, because the Liberal government has demonstrated that they are determined to continue criminalizing such actions. They have said repeatedly that they first need to get all of their regulatory control ducks lined-up in place before they make a move for legalization, and never mind the sick people and peaceful people who are going to be punished in the meantime for making voluntary exchanges that involve a plant.  

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