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The Jeb Bush team was quick to respond to a recent report by Infowars.com which linked Bush to the controversial (and secret) Bilderberg meetings. In a direct tweet from Tim Miller, a communications director for Bush, he stated that Jeb would not be attending the meeting this year in Austria. Bush is set to visit Germany during the time close to when the Bilderberg meeting will be held, leading some to speculate as to whether or not he will be attending the conference. 




Thus far, the locations and dates for the 2015 gathering have been confirmed and they will take place at the Interalpen Hotel, located near Telfs, Austria. The Austrian police confirmed that security for the event will be in effect from June 9th to the 14th, and the actual meeting itself will take place from Thursday to the Sunday of that week (June 11th to the 14th). Along with the  German police, extra special forces are slated to be called-in for helping to beef-up the security at the event. The task force, COBRA, will be handling the initiative. This special force team is Austria's primary counter-terrorism special tactical unit and they are not a part of the Austrian Federal Police, they operate under direct control from the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. 


As is tradition every year, a number of people from around the world plan to attend the Bilderberg event, in an effort to raise awareness and to ask questions about what is going on. For those who don't know, the Bilderberg meeting is held yearly and it plays host to a number of powerful elite and affluent people around the world. Many say that those who attend these meetings are doing so in violation of the Logan Act, which specifically stipulates that unauthorized citizens are forbidden from negotiating with foreign governments without the authorization of the country. Not only has he previously attended Bilderberg meetings and questioned those directly who were in attendance, but Dan Dicks will also be attending the Bilderberg meeting this year in Austria, so you will want to keep checking back with us for more coverage on that in the near future. 


Despite those who maintain that there is nothing suspicious going on at the event, and those who want to scoff at the idea that world elites might get together and have a plan of some sort; there are many who are going to continue questioning the event regardless. Why is bringing up the mention of Bilderberg, akin to bringing up any mention of 9/11? Regardless of whether you think the event has a dishonest intent, are people not allowed to simply ask questions anymore in order to seek the truth? Why must those seeking the simple truth be labeled as “completely deranged” as Bloomberg puts it. Why should there be anything wrong with being skeptical about what the government tells us, or other officials, regarding this event? Especially considering the fact that citizens have been lied to on repeated occasion from government officials and others. Whether there is a conspiracy at hand or not with this event, it is suspicious that mainstream outlets will attack such skepticism with aggressive oppression in an effort to squash open discussion surrounding the event. What is there to be afraid of?


If you'd like to check-out previous coverage of this topic from PressForTruth, check out these videos below. 




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