Legalization Mess: Canadians Are Angry Over Raids On Cannabis Dispensaries

One of the main reasons that many people were supportive of Trudeau winning the recent election, was because he spoke boldly about legalizing cannabis for Canadians. He said that it was going to be one of the very first things that he did as soon as he took office. So it is understandable that many people got upset with the government when they decided to crack down on dispensaries last week in Toronto. This wasn't the first time, they've been increasing their raids on dispensaries as they move further toward establishing their own monopoly within the cannabis market in Canada.

The pot dispensaries have urged the city to drop the charges and some have even reopened their venues already in a show of civil disobedience. Toronto Mayor John Tory has said that he offers no apologies for the raids. And he says that he hopes that the city can “keep the order” until their own market is set in place. Meanwhile they've made it more difficult for many very ill people to get their medicine, because they won't allow such an exchange to occur unless they have their hands involved.


Many Canadians are upset with the Toronto police who raided at least 43 different shops and arrested more than 90 people. Those who are eager to see legalization take place within the country, believe that no further criminalization over the plant should take place, seeing as we are supposedly months away from it being fully legalized. For a justice system that is already overwhelming backed-up, does it make sense to add further cases to the mix and waste those valuable resources on a plant that offers many people healing? These are valuable police resources that are being wasted over a plant. 


In response to the crackdown, protesters recently stormed a police press conference in order to voice their concerns, and they questioned the chief of police on exactly who the victims were that were harmed by the “unauthorized exchanges” taking place in those dispensaries, and they also asked about what harm was being caused by the stores.

Other protesters tried to take the debate to Trudeau himself and air their frustration with him directly on the matter, when he was in Winnipeg for a political convention. Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media was there, asking some people about what their thoughts were on the legalization efforts in Canada so far.

Canadians are growing impatient and they are ready to see what this supposed “legalization” is going to look like that Trudeau spoke so highly of on so frequent an occasion. While he and the other “representatives” take their time with it, sick people are suffering. Many dispensaries have been operating without incident for decades, that the police have now suddenly decided to crackdown on, and the community is showing that they aren't going to stand-by and be silent in the face of nonsensical actions like this on the matter. There are a number of dispensaries that were not only able to open shortly after they got forcibly closed, but many others who are also fighting against the charges in court.  




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