Lawsuit Launched to Try And Block Canadian-Saudi Arms Deal

When it comes to foreign policy, the new boss in Canada looks a lot like the old boss. Trudeau carried on with the controversial initiative to send billions in arms to Saudi Arabia, a nation well known for its many alleged human rights abuses. An experienced human rights legal scholar from Belgium, Eric David, says that Canada is likely in violation of international law with the plan. David is lending his support to a lawsuit that was launched by University of Montreal professor Daniel Turp; seeking to block the weapons from being sent to Saudi Arabia.


David maintains that Canada would be violating international law by sending arms to a country that is already accused of having conducted a wide range of human-rights violations in Yemen. Allowing the sale to go forward “would violate the obligation to respect and ensure the respect of human rights and international humanitarian law,” argues David. He insists that this is an “internationally wrongful act” and it's something that Canada shouldn't go through it.


The Trudeau government has maintained the same objective to move forward with the decision to sell arms to a country that is notorious for their alleged human-rights abuses. It isn't very becoming of Canada to be involved in such activities, when there are many people who would perhaps like to see Canada maintain a more humanitarian role and peace-keeping approach. The liberals claim that they couldn't have stood in the way of the deal, but that claim has been widely disputed and criticized.


Despite the growing pressure for the Liberal government to reconsider, they haven't budged yet and they'd rather continue on with the plan to send these weapons to Saudi Arabia.  Turp is leading the court challenge to try and stop the deal and he says that he is “astonished” by the move of the Foreign Affairs Minister to approve of the $15 billion dollar decision. He has filed for a judicial review and is waiting to see if a judge will block the sale.


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