Lauren Southern Attack Brings Free Speech Issues To A National Debate

On Friday night outside the Railway Club Rebel reporter Lauren Southern found herself drenched from a bottle of urine. It was part of the “anti-fascism counter-protect” that erupted based on the cancelled speech of Augustus Sol Invictus, a  Libertarian party candidate for U.S. Senate.
Invictus was turned away at the Canadian border, but that didn’t stop Vancouver’s libertarians and social justice warriors from bumping heads outside where Augustus was supposed to speak. The individual that assaulted Lauren with the piss was part of Vancouver’s Antifa group that claims to be anti-fascist but engages in violence, the very core of the fascist state.
They are also critical of free speech that doesn’t conform to their political bias. 
Augustus’s speech in Portland was crashed by Antifa, where they smashed his car and attacked supporters.
Before the Vancouver urine incident, Lauren was debating with the social justice warriors over the correct number of genders. Lauren maintained that there are only two, male and female.
The perpetrator of the attack was detained by Southern’s camp, but was eventually let go.
Southern took to twitter to discuss the event, while corporate-state news media have picked up on Press For Truth’s video.
The National Post 
The Toronto Sun 
CTV News
Watch Social Justice Warriors Attack Free Speech - Augustus Invictus on PFT Live 

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