Justin’s False Opposition to War: Recharging the Right’s War Machine


By Caleb McMillan www.calebmcmillan.com

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he’ll end the CF-18 bombing mission in the Middle East, since Stephen Harper’s government “failed miserably to demonstrate why” it was in Canada’s best interest to continue it.


But this isn’t an anti-war Prime Minister of the leftist or libertarian variety, one that considers NATO a North American Terrorist Organization. This is the same leader of the same party that voted for Bill C-51, the basic notion that we must sacrifice liberty for security and safety.


And why are we scared? That’s right, an international terrorist conspiracy, where urban attacks aren’t the result of Islamist revolutionaries and a disarmed population, but a concerted effort to undermine Western values by land pirates in the Middle East that keep changing their name.


That’s why Justin’s pulling out bombers and sending in ground troops. He told taxpayer-funded state-media that the Liberals will “engage Canada's military in something we've demonstrated tremendous ability at in Afghanistan and elsewhere: training up local troops doing the fighting on the ground." 


Meaning the Conservative’s foreign enemies are Canada’s foreign enemies, that nothing structural is changing, the war isn’t over, it’s just a different political party.


The tactics may change, but the message is still confusing and purposely so.


Appealing to the anti-war crowd — without actually being anti-war — gives people on right-side of the statist paradigm an excuse to become even more hawkish.


The Conservative opposition is mad about this “incoherent” policy. 


Is everyone west of Ontario up in arms about Canada’s exclusion from meeting between the defence ministers of death? 


This is probably a good thing, but unfortunately Justin Trudeau went to some Women’s Forum based on economic pseudoscience, telling everyone to raise their boys as feminists.


“The allies aren’t taking us seriously anymore,” said Conservative defence critic James Bezan.


They will when Western Canada threatens secession.


If the Liberal Party pays no attention to whatever the Canadian military wants to do with the Americans, if Justin Trudeau continues to travel the world and call himself a feminist with that boyish lisp and charisma of an Operah Winfrey guest, then the best thing for Canada, right now, is to break into a bunch of smaller, different countries.



In the meantime, a US State Department official said that despite Canada’s exclusion from the meeting, “The United States and Canada are great friends and allies, and together with coalition partners, we will continue to work to degrade and destroy Isil.”


ISIL, ISIS, Daesh — or whatever their called this week — should be the focus of the conservative movement in Canada. 


As the Manning Centre prepares to “recharge the right” despite being named after a man who promotes carbon taxes, one area of focus should be on origins of this terrorist group. 


So far, the only opposition to Trudeau’s “incoherent” policy is more incoherent ramblings of loud-mouth conservative malcontents.


Let’s start with the fact that Daesh has money. 


They have weapons and a sophisticated social media network that would put SEO companies to shame. 


They have tanks and anti-air craft missiles. A lot of the weaponry comes from Iraq, which the United States invaded in 2003.


The Great Mess of Iraq can be traced to the early 1960s, when the country’s leadership was flexing its muscle, threatening Israel, and so naturally, the United States got involved.


Long story short, the fervently anti-communist Saddam Hussein came to power.


Since the toppling of Hussein 35 years later, the precedent has been set for the United States to topple anyone they don’t like in the name of the war on terror and… I don’t know, freedom and democracy?


Guys like Gaddafi in Libya, who warned that the Mediterranean would become a sea of refugees if he was taken out, became victims to the US war machine. But who cares about sovereign political leaders? It’s the innocents that are the true victims of these policies.


This places the United States body-count into millions of people, or tens of millions if we begin in 1776.

Add in their current domestic prisoner population, offshore torture centres, and modern espionage (including on their own people) and it’s getting harder by the day to consider the United States a beacon for peace, freedom and prosperity. 


Supporters of U.S. foreign policy are looking more like Germans of the 1930s, and America’s leaders as Nazis, Goodwin’s law notwithstanding. 


Not learning from their mistakes, nor giving any attempt to — Western-education Bashar al-was-gonna-to-be-an-eye-doctor Assad was next on America’s Middle East hit-list.


This is when Daesh comes into play, rising out of the ashes of all-out war in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria.


Who funds this group? Likely the Americans, although they do their best to cover it up, use proxies, and compartmentalize it. 


Daesh gets funding from Saudi Arabia. They also generate income through taxation and selling oil through Turkey, an apparent ally and member of NATO, and apparently Israel is the main buyer of this oil.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that at least 40 countries are funding Daesh, including G20 countries. And while Putin’s got his faults, like the leaders of the old Soviet Union, his position is a counterbalance to runaway U.S. foreign policy. 


Despite the nonsensical claims from Canadian conservatives that Canada’s bombing campaigns wiped out significant Daesh targets, what goes unmentioned is that a lot of these targets, things like armed vehicles and artillery, were left in Iraq from the 2003 invasion.


Americans are forced to spend $615,482 every hour fighting a war with no clear objective and no clear enemy since Daesh is a byproduct of former Western intervention.


Does “recharging the right” include ensuring Canadians suffer the same folly? 


There is revolution and civil war brewing in the Middle East, exasperated by Americans, and there is nothing “we” can do to fix it except stay out.


There will always be a new terrorist group. If human rights abuses justify war, why not bomb Somalia, Turkmenistan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Sudan,North Korea, or China?

Armed citizens and respect for private property are the values of a free society, not endless foreign interventions and entanglements.


This is the issue Justin Trudeau’s opposition should be concerned with.

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