Jibo Your New Family Robot?

Cynthia Breazeal, a roboticist at MIT’s Media Lab and a pioneer of social robotics has spent her career creating robotics for research, classrooms, and hospitals.

Now Breazeal is attempting to bring robotics into your home, with a robot named Jibo.

The myjibo website boasts that the indiegogo kickstarter campaign for the robot reached their goal of $100,000 within 4 hours, and that the campaign reached $1 million in just one week. (The current posted amount is $2,289,606)

The idea of having a robotic "family member" is obviously quite appealing to many people. But modern technology tends to be a double edge sword.

For decades  intelligence agencies around the globe have been innovating new ways to listen in on, watch and monitor people.

For more than a decade the FBI has been remotely turning on microphones in cell phones to listen in on conversations, your online metadata is being tracked and stored, and even the former CIA director has stated that they will spy on people through their dishwashers. (in reference to the smart grid)

The Jibo robot connects to the house through the smart grid, autonomously takes photo's and video, and even uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to learn about you and your family.

In a perfect world, the Jibo concept could be great. Even now it could be very helpful to some people.

The reality is that we live in a total surveillance state and every time that we purchase any of these new technologies. We make the jobs of the "watchers" easier and easier.






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