Jeb Bush Wants To See Harper Re-Elected

At an event in New Hampshire this week, Jeb Bush made it cleat that he wants to see Stephen Harper re-elected as Prime Minister of Canada. Bush also promised that within 100 days of winning the U.S. presidency, that he would make a plan to come to Canada in order to repair the relationship that has supposedly been tarnished by President Obama. Some might question how “strained” the relationship is considering the fact that we follow the U.S. on various missions overseas; in Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries. As well as the fact that Canada is soon going to be allowing U.S. guards to be stationed throughout the country, and they supposedly are not going to be held accountable under Canadian law. It's hard to see where the relationship is strained.


“I don't know if it's Prime Minister Harper or whoever the next – he may be re-elected,... I for one, would think that would be great. But that's just me.” said Bush. Bush has repeatedly scolded President Obama for allegedly tarnishing international affairs, like the one with Canada, and he implied that tension now extends across the border. “It's hard to imagine how we could have a bad relationship with Canada, but under this administration we've managed to do it,” said Bush.


Not only has Canada been keen to involve itself in the numerous conflicts that have been initiated by the U.S., but the country has also been co-operative in sharing information in regards to the controversial spying that has been occurring now for years. Previously leaked documents by ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden also reveal that Canada co-operated with the National Security Agency (NSA) in working to establish spying posts around the world and conducted espionage against trading partners at the NSA's alleged request.

Currently, Jeb Bush is trying his luck at running for President of the United States. And as an individual who has for decades advocated for a ruling class to continue dominating over peaceful individuals, it is not surprising then that he gives Harper his personal nod of approval. Unfortunately for him, many Canadians disagree and they are working hard to see that Harper's reign comes to an end in the fall of this year. After passing Bill C-51, among a variety of other controversial moves, it will be surprising to see if Harper holds onto his current position, given the fact that he has upset so many. However, in this day-and-age, fear still sells and Harper's good at it. We will have to wait a few months yet to see if Bush will get his wish.  


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