It's All About Justin – Not!

 If we listen to what the talking heads of the establishment say: it's all about Justin Trudeau. The MPs are back from their summer break and poll after poll, all come to the same conclusion: Canadians will be voting for Justin and the Grits on October 19th 2015.


But this isn't what this session of Parliament is about.


Technically speaking this session of Parliament focuses on strengthening copyright laws, increasing the liability cap for offshore oil and gas spills and amendments to aviation, aeronautics, marine and other related acts. The Harper Government also wants to cut taxes. They estimate $3,500 a year going into the pockets of the average Canadian family. Not person. Family. And not $35,000. Just $3,500.


There's also regulations forcing banks to report tax information on dual-citizens to the IRS, and more "free trade" agreements around the world. In fact, Harper won't be around much this Fall as he's travelling to China for an APEC summit and to Australia for the G20 leaders summit, both in November. He'll also be in New York City to address the UN General Assembly.


None of this has anything to do with the Leader of the Liberal Party, who isn't even the Official Leader of the Opposition. Returning MPs are not talking about Trudeau. That is a lie the media wants you to believe. But we are the media. Independent voices trump the corporate-talking heads in the lamestream. The MPs are supposed to work for us. We're telling them that this session is about the wars, the police state and the debt. It's got nothing to do with Justin Trudeau.


Harper has sent troops to Syria-Iraq to fight a “threat” that the United States created. Harper also sent troops to Poland to combat the Russian “threat” in Ukraine. Putin isn't all that great, but Harper's action (or whosoever rule-book he's following) are not rational. The West is the aggressor in all these situations. The neo-con ideology is fuelling the hatred of the West and who can blame the haters? I'd be joining ISIS too if American drones kept killing my family, friends and neighbours. Canadian Armed Forces are not keeping the world safe for democracy or upholding “our peacekeeping values” abroad. They are ensuring that the next generation of Middle Eastern Muslims hate the West just as much as the ones fighting "us" now do. This has been going on for generations, it's not something new. Governments see resources they want in a country they don't control. So they invade. The only difference is that in a democracy you have to market the war so people support it. Good thing the presstitute media are generally favourable to the regime.


This session should also be about the police state. In Quebec City a man was riding his bike down a one-way street. One-way streets are designed for vehicles and in places like Toronto or Vancouver, one way streets signs often say “bicycles excepted” since a bicycle is not a car. Nevertheless a Quebec City police officer decided to stop this cycler by hitting him with his car. Eye witnesses say the man was bleeding from the mouth, shouting that he was hurt. But the cops decided to arrest him anyway. He died a few hours later. But it's okay because the police are investigating themselves!


This is just a sample of what's happening across the Western world. Police badges do not grant extra rights, but you'd never know from how they behave. They create criminals by enforcing victimless crimes and by becoming the criminals themselves. As in the case of running down this innocent cycler or when the Toronto police shot a guy nine times on a street-car or when the Montreal police killed a homeless man and an innocent bystander on his way to work. Or let's not forget the murder-by-taser of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski by the RCMP. Or the RCMP's murder of Darren Varley in 1999. And of course there's the 2010 G-20 summit where tear gas (banned in war but okay to use on the domestic population) was used for the first time in the history of Toronto. Not to mention rubber bullets, pepper spray and the physical beating of people – including journalists. And now the Canadian Armed Forces are giving military-grade tanks as hand-me-downs to police forces across the country.


Militarization of police is a crucial issue. Far more pressing than amending aviation, aeronautics and marine acts. The idea that the police investigate themselves and that this is okay is absolutely mind-boggling. Imagine after the BP Gulf Spill if Tony Hayward came on TV and said, “don't worry about it. We're investigating ourselves. Go back to watching Game of Thrones.” Of course Game of Thrones wasn't on TV in 2010 so that is just silly. Police are here to “protect and serve.” Without their help, think of all the Canadians who would have had to euthanize their pets by paying the vet. The cops do it for free! Yay!


Finally, and perhaps the most important, is the debt. If all Canadians pay off their debts, then the money itself would disappear. Sound crazy, right? But that's exactly how our monetary system works. All “legal tender” meaning all credit in the system and every piece of paper in circulation (or actually, that stupid plastic-paper we import from Australia) cannot exist without first being loaned into existence. First by the Bank of Canada, then expanded by the Chartered Banks who practice fractional reserve banking.


This is not how money is supposed to work. Money facilitates trade, it acts as a medium of exchange. What the powers-that-be have done over generations is detach money from its necessity as a scarce commodity (historically gold and silver) and with it, erase the collective memory of a free people using a free money in a free market. With fiat currency acting as money, debts start piling up as the purchasing power erodes. Even the Bank of Canada's official documents show this! We're now reaching a breaking point. Canadian debt-to-income ratios are the highest they've ever been. Everything about our real estate market screams bubble. Everything in Canada is overvalued and this is because of the “monetary stimulus” put in place by the authorities.


But what goes up must come down. The artificial boom the elite have created through fiat currency will end in a very real crash. Government can't be trusted with printing money. The secret cartel behind the Bank of Canada have some explaining to do. These are the real issues facing the economy. Screw you Harper with your $3,500 tax cuts. Why not be a true free market conservative and declare all income and property taxes to be blatant theft that are incompatible with a free society?


These are the issues facing Canada as we're forced to watch grown-children return from their summer break to argue non-issues in the House of Commons. While we pay for it.


It's got nothing to do with Justin Trudeau.



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