ISIS Attack in Quebec


In what could be a possible terrorist attack in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, a 25-year-old man was killed by police after running down two Canadian Forces personnel with his car. The man was apparently on the radar of as adherent to radical Islam.


The individual was identified by friends as Martin Rouleau. A father of a young son, friends say he converted to Islam and began distancing himself. Apparently he was stopped this past summer trying to leave Canada to fight abroad with the Islamic State.


It is not yet known why he was not apprehended then, or whether since that incident, he's been used as an agent. “This individual was known to federal authorities including our Integrated National Security Investigations team in Montreal who, along with other authorities, were concerned that he had become radicalized,” RCMP Cpl. David Falls said in a statement.


The RCMP statement was echoed by one from the Prime Minister’s Office, which said “federal authorities have confirmed that there are clear indications that the individual had become radicalized.”


The attack has left one of the soldiers with minor injuries, and has sent the other to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.


It is reported that Rouleau, as he fled the scene, declared he was “acting in the name of Allah.”


Canada’s top general has already warned of blowback from Canada's involvement in the Middle East. The Islamic State “has made it clear they would aspire to present a threat” to the citizens of those nations that have joined the US Empire.







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