The Hypocrisy Of The West's Relationship With Saudi Arabia

 Western countries spend billions of dollars trying to spread “democracy” around the world in an alleged effort to support and defend human rights, but then they turn around and sell arms to a country that has an extensive record of human rights abuses. For those paying attention to world affairs, many aren't exactly sure why the West and its allies continue to turn a blind-eye when it comes to the various abuses and crimes in Saudi Arabia.

Even worse, The United Nations General Assembly back in 2013 decided to elect Saudi Arabia as a member of it's Human Rights Council; effectively devaluing the title with many in the world who actually do value human rights and individual liberty. Saudi Arabia will be up for re-election this year in order to determine if they will stay on the council.

Many claim that Washington, Ottawa, London, and other jurisdictions, demonstrate a “see no evil” approach when it comes to Saudi Arabia and the various beheadings that take place, war crimes, and other alleged abuses. Why does the West choose to overlook the criticism surrounding Saudi Arabia, because they value the economic ties, but they won't offer the same courtesy to Russia, Iran, and others?


Just Canada and the United States alone have already authorized billions in arm sales, despite outrage from the public, and attempts to have the deals stopped. Legal challenges have been launched in a number of areas, seeking to stop the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia; people are tired of the hypocrisy. Currently, Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) are collectively spearheading an initiative to get Saudi Arabia suspended from the UN Human Rights Council over alleged war crimes they have been committing in Yemen.

Oxfam has also lashed out at the government and accused it of being in denial and disarray when it comes to the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. And just like in Canada, the UK government has also faced repeated calls to ban the sale of weapons. Oxfam has accused the government of significantly violating the Arms Trade Treaty, alleging that homes, hospitals, and schools, have been bombed in contravention of the rules of war. They estimate that at least 21 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian aid.







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