The Hypocrisy Address: When Violent People Preach To You About Violence

Obama took to the teleprompter this weekend to take a little more advantage of the emotions still settling from the recent San Bernardino shooting. Looking to fuel his own agenda, Obama demonstrated once again that he isn't above exploiting a traumatic event in order to further his own political cause. During his speech he called for stricter gun laws and called for Americans to come “together as one” in order to fight against the growing threat of terrorism. When it comes to making it more difficult to get a gun, Obama said that “no one on an no-fly list” should be able to purchase a gun. Obama also insinuated that Congress should officially vote in order to carry-on with its military endeavor in Syria.


For over three years now the U.S. along with its allies, has been engaged in a conflict that violates international law. Not only that, but the warfare also violates the U.S. constitution itself, according to American legal scholars like Judge Andrew Napolitano. Not only are they violating the law with their actions but they are also adding trillions of dollars in debt that future generations will be crippled by. 


Perhaps Obama's cries about violence would be more well received if they weren't coming from an individual who is responsible for executing orders that violate due process and international law. This is a man that has spent many hours promising to end the wars, close gitmo, and ensure transparency, all of which have turned out to be very far from the actual truth. Other U.S. officials were quick to come out and criticize Obama's speech and comments on the no-fly list, pointing out that many individuals commonly end-up on the no-fly list without any due process being followed. “Putting someone on a no-fly list without due process and infringing on someone's right to keep and bear arms without due process are both wrong. The latter is a Second Amendment violation, and both are Fifth Amendment violations,” posted Rep. Justin Amash. 

Further victimizing the public by disarming them isn't going to make them any safer. Yet Obama continues to peddle the same narrative that citizens will somehow be more secure if the state is allowed to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to own weapons. The state has already proven that it is incapable of stopping or preventing all terrorist attacks, as we've seen in San Bernardino, the two Paris attacks, along with other instances. When an individual is targeted and victimized, seconds can make the difference between life or death. When seconds matter, the police are quite often at least 10 to 20 minutes away. Sometimes in remote locations it will take the police over 30 minutes to get to you, and by that time the crime has already been committed. 


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