Hundreds Arrested For Looting: Starvation Continues For The People Of Venezuela

Hundreds of people have recently been arrested in Venezuela after they took to looting stores to find food for themselves. It's alleged that there are at least 10 incidents of looting every single day happening across the nation as the economy continues to worsen and things continue to get more dangerous and more expensive. As things continue to crumble all around, the government has been tightening the grip of control as the only response. They've taken to siphoning electricity, lessening work days, instilling curfews, currency controls, and more. None of it has been working, things are only getting worse, as stories continue to surface describing the starvation and suffering that continues.


It isn't freedom that is starving the people of Venezuela, because those millions of people are far less free every time that more controls are put into place that attempt to direct how they should make exchanges with one another. Since things have taken a dive economically, the crime has also sharply risen in the country; Caracas is the most violent big city in the world with at least 28,000 homicides in 2015. Things have gotten so bad for those who remain, and their inflation is so severe, that they are now facing prices in the market that require roughly $150 in order to purchase only a dozen eggs.  Venezuela is just one more example of the consequences of socialism and the devastation that comes with hyperinflation.

Not only have hundreds in Venezuela recently been arrested over the food looting, but some even lost their lives because of the violence. President Nicolas Maduro also said this week that he was going to be scrapping the emergency measure that had the public sector employees only working two days a week. After several weeks of closure, some students are also expected to be going back to school by the end of this week. 




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