How Stephen Harper Destroyed Iraq

By Caleb McMillan

In 2003 Stephen Harper, then leader of the Official Opposition, argued that Canada should join the United States in what Eric Margolis calls, “the stupid war in US history.” Fortunately, Harper didn't get his way (unless you count the 50 troops the Governor General-in-Council ordered to mobilize). Nevertheless, Stephen Harper eventually became Prime Minister when the Conservative Party formed government. Since then, Harper has beefed up military spending by initiating the “Canada First Defence Strategy” and by spending $5 billion in the first 2006 budget.

Harper's gang have also amped up military symbolism, particularly in the British tradition. He restored the “Royal” prefix to the navy and air force, he threw out the “Maple Leaf” rank designation shoulder patches for the old British “pip” style. Harper's government also decided to share some diplomatic outposts with Britain.

The 200th anniversary of War of 1812 cost taxpayers a pretty penny. Same with Harper's fascination with the North. And Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic isn't just about image. Harper's got a serious paranoia over the Russians. Like borderline Dr. Strangelove paranoia. Canada's response to the Ukraine has been to demonize Russian leaders and call their occupation illegal. Harper denounced the Crimean referendum as fraudulent and his government continues to impose sanctions on Ukraine. Now Vladimir Putin is not someone to look up to, but neither is Harper. And this nonsense about a “Cold War mentality” is purely Orwellian doublespeak. Look at this map. Who exactly is the aggressor here, bud?

Stephen Harper is a neocon. A Trotskyite with social conservative views that is willing to compromise on free markets for military intervention abroad. Like any good neocon, Harper supports the state of Israel. Now Canadian governments have always supported the UN-created state in the Middle East. But Harper's government has taken it to another level, declaring that, “Israel has no greater friend in the world today than Canada.” Now whether this is because the Israel lobby is implicit in the Conservative Party or because of some neocon ideology remains to be seen. Both Canada and Israel were founded by displacing aboriginal peoples. Maybe Harper sees basis for a mutual friendship.

Whatever. It's all a big show anyway, right? Why else would Harper fund Syrian rebels and Jordan “security forces.” That's $114.3 million to the terrorists that have, in the past week, taken most of Iraq. ISIS is sitting outside of Baghdad. ISIS is Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda were the Syrian rebels Canadian taxpayers were funding. Al-Qaeda, in case you forgot, are the CIA-created militant gang that (along with the Taliban) were pinned for 9/11. 9/11 is a false-flag. It is also the justification for all this intervention in the Middle East. Despite Harper's “made-in-Canada” foreign policy, our actions don't stray too far from NATO. Support the troops? Why? They are pawns for the Military Industrial Complex.

Former CIA chief Petraeus made it clear that the North American Union is here. If the troops want my support, they should disobey orders and arrest Stephen Harper for war crimes. It'd be nice if American troops followed suit. It's time to end this New World Order.

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