Homeschooling Family Sued For Allowing Kids To Play Outside

A homeschooling family in Texas is being sued by their neighbors for letting their children play outside during the day. According to the neighbors, the family let their four home-schooled children play outside during the day when most other kids are in regular school. They say that the kids caused a noise disturbance and they are seeking remedy over the incident. However, the mother of the four children says that's not exactly what took place.

Mother, Kelly Counts, says that her neighbors never voiced their concerns to her, but she says that they did proceed to play loud and offensive rap music from their windows every time that the children would go outside to play. Counts says that their actions have made it so that she doesn't even feel comfortable in her own house and now she's having to go to court over her children playing outside in the backyard during the day. 

Neighbors, Irving and Anita Ward, are allegedly complaining that the kids are too loud and that their playing outside upsets their dogs and disturbs their peace and quiet. Ultimately, the neighbors are saying that Counts' children are disturbing their right to a peaceful home. The Wards are suing the family for the noise that is created by the kids outside. The Wards claim that their “tranquil quality of life” is destroyed by the noise from the children and that the playhouse in the backyard causes “visibility issues for them and their pets.” 

Mother of the four, Kelly Counts, says that every time she has tried to speak with them over the issue, that they aren't co-operative or that they slam the door in her face. It will be interesting to see how the case unfolds, as to whether or not the Wards are guaranteed their “peace and quiet” during daylight hours.


Over the last several years the homeschooling, UN-schooling, and hack-schooling trends have been increasing. These innovative new approaches to education are becoming more popular with parents, as more people seek to find an educational service for their children that will foster their individuality and creativity; while catering to their very own unique needs.


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