Health Canada To Introduce New Vaping Rules This Fall

 You can't just start vaping without the permission of others, can you? So what if it's your own body. When it comes to things like smoking, the state wants to be involved in those decisions with you. And for vape users, this fall the government will be rolling out some new rules regarding your habit.


"Smoking tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Canada, affecting the well-being of all Canadians, including youth,.... The government of Canada is continuing to explore new and better ways to address smoking in Canada, and its impact on the health of Canadians. I am proud of the progress we've made so far, and I look forward to working with our partners and stakeholders to ensure Canada remains a leader in tobacco control." said Health Minister Jane Philpot.


Health Canada says that they are looking to introduce these new rules in order to (yep! You guessed it) keep the children safe. And so in their battle against nicotine addiction they are taking it upon themselves to introduce rules later this year that will seek to prevent the kids from getting their hands on e-cigarettes and more.


As well, government workers are still struggling to craft their proposed ban on menthol cigarettes for Canadians. It seems that their motive is that they only want plain and standardized packaging requirements on all of the tobacco products on Canadian shelves. In Canada, e-cigarettes have been banned in a number of municipalities when it comes to using them in workplaces, parks, beaches, and in many places where smoking as well is also prohibited.


If you want to vape, you'll need to be at least six meters away from a opening to building opening. You are also prohibited from vaping if you are in a car with a child that is under the age of 16-years-old. But so far, there are no federal regulations, only provincial and municipal restriction has been sought.






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