Harper Wants To Sign Canadians Up For More War

 Unsurprisingly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made it clear that his administration plans to extend Canada's presence and current involvement in conflicts overseas. As the ghost-chase against ISIS continues, Harper has now confirmed that Canada is looking at an extension and expansion of its current mission in Iraq. Also, Harper says that he hasn't ruled out committing Canadian lives to combat in Syria either. Currently, the Canadian military is involved with training, funding, and other collective efforts that are organized to battle the Islamic State in Iraq, and that mission comes with a six-month expiry date that will end on April 7th of this year. It is looking now like the Canadian government is going to prolong that mission, as part of an international effort against ISIS in the region.


Thus far, Harper has committed roughly a dozen special forces troops to the Iraq area, along with several fighter jets, surveillance aircraft, a refueling plane, and more. Harper stated this week that his administration was prepared to request another mandate from Parliament that will afford further military combat overseas. The current mission was authorized in the fall and that authority comes due fairly shortly. Next week, it is the government’s plan to move forward with a request from Parliament for extension and expansion of the mission. And I will obviously give more details when we do that,” said Harper.


To date, Canada has spent over $122 million on its efforts combating ISIS overseas, and this figure doesn't include salaries and other fixed costs. The final cost, if the mission gets extended in a few weeks, is of course going to end up becoming a lot more. Canada is fighting along with forces from the United States, Australia, and others. The U.S. government has admitted in the recent past that their daily cost for the continued war with ISIS is running them upwards of $8.3 million every single day. Australia has also stated that it plans to allocate at least $500 million dollars to the joint mission. Clearly, they are going to continue throwing money at this problem, regardless if they get any results from their investment or not. It is sad to see Canada be taken down this road that the US has paved of trying to police the world, because this nation has traditionally been known for its peace-keeping missions and not for its offensive involvement overseas.

Aside from the issues of cost, and the problem of conflict being initiated when many Canadians do not support it, there still remains another issue. The West has clearly declared war against the threat of ISIS overseas, however they haven't been entirely honest with the public about their questionable involvement with its creation, funding, and perpetuation of this group. Also, it recently came to light that Canadian authorities might be playing some role in helping to recruit and transfer people overseas who show an interest to join with this group; according to the allegations of one human-trafficker who was arrested in Turkey trying to help three young girls join ISIS. It is well-known that US occupation in Iraq and other countries overseas has only made matters extremely worse, with many innocent people being killed (to only be qualified as “collateral damage”).

Overall, their actions have even been working against them in that they inspire more people to join the rebel cause and ongoing conflict. If your family member was killed by a Chinese drone, might that make you a little upset? Of course, for many of us such a circumstance would not lead us to commit a crime against another person, but it is understandable to see how such an emotionally-driven event might play a part in causing someone to respond irrationally because of the pain that they feel. Taking into account these unpleasant and counter-productive realities, the ongoing war on terror seems rather meaningless in that it has no clear set goals, what would a victory against terror even look like? What the West has done, along with the support of other nations, it has in essence declared war against a tactic (terror) and unfortunately such a goal cannot ever be accomplished so long as the people possess free-will. Despite over a decade of warfare, thousands of lives lost, and billions of dollars spent, there still remains a dominant threat of terror in the world (according to various mainstream media outlets), and if this be the case then that seems like a pretty bad investment. It isn't clear how more of the same is going to result in anything different.










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