Harper Looks Ready To Launch His Campaign


Speculation is mounting that Canada's official election campaign will formally begin this coming Sunday, when Harper is scheduled to appear and speak at a Montreal rally that evening. Harper and the Tories will be kicking off an 11-week campaign that will shape-up to be one of the longest and most expensive campaigns in the political history of Canada. Even though they look set to officially begin campaigning this week, Canadians are still scheduled to head-out later this year on October 19th in order to vote for who they want to be the next political party to lead Canada.

If Harper is set to kick-off the official campaigning this weekend, then that would require him to pay a visit to Governor General David Johnston, in order to have Parliament dissolved and for the campaign to officially begin. For now, the NDP is still charging in the polls, with the Tories trailing closely behind. In a recent Global News poll, it was found that roughly 34% of voters would go with NDP, while 33% would go with the Tories, and 25% with the Liberal party.


Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent said that he believes Harper's early-call strategy is more about trying to steer clear of various issues that might cause turmoil for, and dampen any campaign success. "I think ... he would think the longer campaign will enable him to get out from under some of the flak that is yet to come, likely on the Duffy trial and also on the downturn of the Canadian economy," said Broadbent. So far, the Tories have been able to successfully raise more money in campaign funds, than both the NDP and Liberal party combined. Keep in mind however, that the official campaigning hasn't started yet, and once it does plenty more donations are expected to come rushing in.

Federal law requires that campaigns be at least 37 days long, but it doesn't stipulate any maximum length to be allowed for campaigns. It has been estimated by Elections Canada, that a 37 day campaign would cost roughly $375 million to conduct. Thanks to recent changes by the Conservative government, candidates and party spending is also allowed to increase by roughly $675,000 for every day that any campaign extends past the 37 day mark. Even though Canada's official election day is scheduled for Oct. 19th, Harper is the one who officially gives the word on when the election campaign will be initiated. According to law, Harper must do so by no later than September 13th of this year.



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