Hamilton Police's New Military "Rescue" Vehicle

By: Terry Wilson

Despite several witnesses seeing a military style armored police vehicle driving through the city for over a year. CBC Hamilton has run a story displaying Hamilton's "new" armored rescue vehicle.

"It wouldn’t look out of place in the Robocop remake, or the next iteration of the Transformers franchise. This “armoured rescue vehicle” is now part of Hamilton police’s fleet of vehicles.

City council approved funds for the 15,000-pound behemoth last year — not long after a lengthy battle between police and council over the service’s 2013 operating budget. That such a hulking, heavily-armoured vehicle was purchased in the midst of ever heightening political pressure to curb expenditures will no doubt raise some eyebrows — but Hamilton police say it’s a needed and useful tool to protect officers and civilians in intense situations.

Here are the answers to six questions about Hamilton police’s armoured rescue vehicle."

The vehicle's name is Gurkha and it is manufactured by Terradyne Armoured Vehicles.
Click here for vehicle specs and photo's
[caption id="attachment_3274" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Gurkha being used by the U.S. military Gurkha being used by the U.S. military[/caption]

The "It wouldn’t look out of place in the Robocop remake" comment in the CBC article, could not be any more true! Since that is the exact same model used in the film (scenes from the Robocop remake had been filmed in Hamilton). Photo's of the Gurkha being used in the film can be found HERE

Police agencies all across North America have been buying and even been given military equipment at an accelerated pace. With the department of homeland security, RCMP, OPP, state police agencies, and countless municipal police forces now being equipped with military grade systems.

With all of this happening, this CBC article also highlights how many main stream "news" sources are leaving out facts and distorting information. Not once does it state that this is a military vehicle and as seen above, even comments about it looking futuristic like what is seen in the Robocop film. Which can either be explained as extremely poor journalism or knowingly deceitful journalism.


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