Halifax MP Supports 9/11 Truth

By Caleb McMillan

Halifax MP Megan Leslie is promoting Richard Gage's tour across Canada.  Gage is educating Canadians on the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center buildings. Despite calls from the opposition that the MP is "deeply disrespectful to the victims of 9/11," Leslie's support is exactly what needs to start happening in political circles. For too long the prevailing opinion as been one like Tory MP James Bezan. Bezan is quoted saying, "Parliamentarians, especially senior members of the Official Opposition, should not be promoting these ideas.. Canadians should be able to expect reasoned positions on major issues, not statements that trivialize the deaths of Canadians and others or that make unfounded attacks on our allies."

Despite how 9/11 victims and their families members promote 9/11 Truth, Bezan's criticism hits at another misconception about the so-called "conspiracy theory." His statement said Canadians should expect "reasoned positions." I guess he's forgetting that Richard Gage's presentation is not, as the Chronicle Herald would have us believe, about "an inside job orchestrated by the American government." AE911 Truth is an organization of over 2,000 professionals that use the scientific method to show that the official story is scientifically impossible. Not only that, but all evidence points toward a controlled demolition of all 3 buildings. Who did it, why they did or even the specifics of how they did it, is not a concern for the organization. They leave that analysis up to the individual. All they do is point to the scientific evidence of a controlled demolition. MP Megan Leslie is not being disrespectful. Bezan and other MPs who keep silent, as well as the mainstream media, are being disrespectful by keeping this issue off the table. It's time the taboo on 9/11 Truth be reversed.

Watch "Rethink 911 Truth in Toronto (with an apperance from the msm)"

For more info on the Rethink911 campaign and for tour info visit Rethink911.org

Watch "The Toronto Hearings on 911"

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Through their analysis and scientific investigations, they hope to spark a new investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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