Glenn Greenwald calls out former CIA director James Woolsey

James Woolsey has been busy since the recent Paris attacks, attempting to take advantage of the chaos and use it to push for further destructive foreign policy in the Middle East. Woolsey has also recently used the opportunity to express his anger for Snowden, and to declare that he thought ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden should be hanged for sharing classified information with the American public. “I would prefer to see him hanged by the neck until he's dead,” stated Woolsey. Responding to the fear, Glenn Greenwald took to Democracy Now this week in order to call him out on his warmongering.  

“It's absolutely remarkable that James Woolsey, of all people, is the person who has been plucked to be the authoritative figure on the Paris attacks by leading media outlets... [considering] he is by far one of the most extremist and radical neoconservatives ever to be puked up by the intelligence world,” said Greenwald. Woolsey is someone who has been “disseminating lies to the American people for decades,” says Greenwald. But this isn't just about Woosley, and he isn't on his own in trying to ramp-up support for continued war and aggression. This is really about “shameless effort on the part of the CIA and other government officials to exploit the emotions that have been generated by watching the carnage in Paris,” says Greenwald.


We've seen Republican representatives passionately calling for more war over the last few days, and they've been eagerly stoking all of the division and hatred that they can. Not that the Democrat party isn't without its own guilt when it comes to promoting and supporting war, along with fueling division. Currently, a number of countries are engaged in warfare in the Middle East, including Canada who just engaged in new air-strikes in the past few days.


Thankfully, a growing number of people are beginning to realize the truth surrounding the creation of ISIS and their ongoing success. The US has continued to fall subject to increasing criticism for their questionable involvement with perpetrating this terror group. “When the U.S. government starts trying to point the finger at other people for helping ISIS, they really need to have a mirror put in front of them,” says Greenwald, because by their own documents alone they demonstrate that they bear a “huge responsibility” for the creation of this terror group. 


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