Getting To The Truth About Germanwings Flight 9525

After the recent Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps, it didn't take long before many started pointing the finger of blame; the most likely candidate clearly seemed to be the pilot. The media quickly initiated an impressive character assassination against 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz and they have been at it ever since.  There were several stories within hours that questioned his motives, with many insinuating that this was a deliberate act. Now, traditionally one is supposed to be assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is a right which is upheld by the United Nations (UN) Declaration of Human Rights. And commonly, accidents such as these are followed by an extensive investigation, with various court proceedings of some kind which take place in order to establish the evidence and scenario as fact, to also help seek various remedies for family members of victims, and so on. 


Thus far, we have only heard “likely” conjecture stories that have been told from the Prosecution's side regarding the events of what happened on that flight. The evidence to date regarding this crash hasn't been proven to be fact in any court of law. Despite this slight overlook, the media continues to charge forward with the narrative that this was a mass murder by a mentally deranged man. It only took hours before they revealed his entire story to the world and his house was surrounded, with millions of people labeling him guilty on the spot. The investigators also supposedly found a torn-up doctors note inside his home in a garbage bin, and from this they gather he suffers from some mental illness which they assume must have been the motive for his attack. Despite this yet-to-be-proven premise, the media started pandering the scenario to the rest of the world, that a man suffering from severe depression decided to end his life along with many others. This is what they allege occurred, even though the evidence collected has yet to have gone through any thorough analysis and review. 


False information has also been told to viewers regarding this story, when several outlets picked-up the tip that cell-phone video footage had been found which supposedly visually confirmed that people were screaming on the plane, and confirmed the co-pilot was trying to break into the cockpit. It was claimed that one victim on the plane had recorded the cell-phone footage of the incident, and that investigators had heard and seen its contents. It was later confirmed however, by a Prosecutor handling the Germanwings case, that no such video footage from the sight has been analyzed yet, indicating that the story is most likely a false one. They also admit that most of the cell-phones that were recovered from the site, are unlikely to have any salvageable data. Even though this story hasn't been proven true yet, many people believed it, and it only reaffirmed their already established belief as to what occurred on that plane minutes before the crash. To date, we still cannot confirm his state of mind during the time that the incident took place, and we may never be able to. Regardless of this fact, the media strongly continues to fuel the agenda that he deliberately killed these people. The investigation is still in the early stages and we cannot be certain thus far of the details regarding what occurred on that flight. There hasn't been any concrete sources indicating any mental impairment either, only pure conjecture and hearsay. 


Despite the investigation only being in its early stages, the media has already determined the guilt of Lubitz, even if their views aren't based upon proven facts. Their certainty is amusing, considering that it will take months, even years, to come to the end of an investigation and be definitively clear on the circumstances that took place surrounding it. When it comes to a circumstance such as one like this, with so many lives lost and so much evidence that needs to be collected, recorded, and reviewed, you cannot be certain of guilt before you have proven the circumstances. Thus far, prosecutors have detailed the co-pilots suspected role in the crash, and the BEA still has yet to officially determine the causes and contributing factors to the crash, as well as provide a detailed analysis of the findings from the crash site.


Many people still have their minds made-up on the matter however. The media has exploited this scenario in a shameful way and contributed to the willful destruction of a deceased person even without having the proven facts in front of them. By quickly pointing the finger of blame at Lubitz, they were swift in getting the public to consider that, rather than focus on any possible safety flaws with the Airline, or any other scenarios which could have contributed to this event. Airlines have been caught on numerous occasion overlooking safety regulations, punishing (firing) those who bring-up issues that they find in safety screenings they do on planes, and on this issue they've even faced lawsuits. We cannot say for certain that an overlooked safety flaw was the cause of the Germanwings crash, but when any plane crash occurs it is always reasonable to consider the possibility that perhaps there was a flaw with the airplane itself. This is why we need the certainty of a completed investigation, until then we cannot have any holistic understanding of the event.


Airline pilot organizations have also expressed their discontent for the violation displayed in this case to the international standards regarding the investigation and release of information, which they say are not being followed. They say that investigators are blatantly overlooking accident investigation protocols which in-turn damage the process of investigation and endanger aviation safety. In France, after any crash, it is customary that the judicial prosecutor works together with air accident investigators (in this case the French BEA), and they assess the evidence at the crash site. The BEA is involved in the early stages of the task, they are supposed to wait for judiciary assessment and secure the evidence. Due to the prosecution having a lack of aviation experience, they are only supposed to determine who might be to blame, and whether there needs to be criminal prosecution put forth. The BEA's task on the other hand is to determine the cause of the crash, so that they can work to prevent one from occurring in the future if they can. When the prosecutor discussed supposed details regarding what occurred on the plane minutes before the crash, based on supposed recordings found from the crash site, the European Cockpit Association (ECA) affirmed that this was a serious breach of fundamental and globally-accepted international accident investigation rules. Further, the ECA states that safety investigators appear to have been displaced by “prosecutorial considerations” and that this has made the event highly prejudicial. The prosecution has provided facts too early on that we cannot be certain of, they should have known better than to disregard the proper procedure of investigation, regardless of how obvious the “facts” may have appeared at the time. 



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