Gerald Celente Delivers On His 'Occupy Peace' Promise

Many months ago, American trend forecaster Gerald Celente announced that he was organizing an “Occupy Peace” movement. The plan was for everyone to gather for an official launch on September 20th 2015 at noon, in Kingston New York, to rally against the ongoing wars overseas. The gathering was scheduled to host a variety of speakers and performers, including Ralph Nader, and others. The “Occupy Peace” plan is a grassroots peace initiative that plans to create a platform where citizens can hold elected officials accountable for “senselessly promoting war,” says Celente. It's a nation-wide plan to rally for the idea and movement of peace, it will include collective work from peace-minded historians and other experts on creating a program that will allow citizens to more effectively call for peace.



The Occupy Peace movement is promoting five basic principles, among them are the goals of having no foreign entanglements, choosing to wage war only when there is some imminent threat that exists, and for there to be a zero tolerance for illegal wars. “Our future is being robbed from us by murderous thieves. Their dream of a never-ending War on Terror has created a living nightmare,... These psychopaths [have] hijacked our nation's wealth as our economy declines.” says Celente. 



Celente has proposed some effective methods for how we can go about beginning to work toward achieving peace, one of them being to start by closing hundreds of United States military bases overseas. The next step, would be to secure the homeland and bring the troops home that are stationed around the world. The third step, says Celente, would be for the troops to begin work on rebuilding infrastructure and guarding their own borders. 



“Congress no longer represents the American people. They have been paid off by the members of the industrial-military complex,” argues Celente. He sees that the United States is headed for the first great war of the 21st century and he wants to fight to prevent that from happening. “I want to fight for peace. I won't die for war,” says Celente. And there are many others who, like him, also want to see the United States focus more on peace-keeping, and would prefer that trillions of dollars weren't wasted on countless military expeditions overseas. To know more about the initiative, you can visit the official site here

 Luke from WeAreChange was also there to catch-up with Celente and ask him about the Occupy Peace initiative:

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