G20 Toronto -- The Fight For Civil Rights

On Saturday July 10th I attended a rally at Queens Park to join the people of Toronto in demanding a public inquiry into the police tactics during the G20 summit weekend. I met a lot of patriotic Canadians who told me their stories of how their rights and civil liberties were violated by the police.

As the weeks move on more and more stories from victims of the police state are coming to light and more videos are beginning to provide evidence that the black block were given a green light to terrorize the city while police stood idly by. I posed this scenario to the panelists on an MTV program titled "Impact" and asked them for their views on the idea of undercover police officers being used as agent provocateurs in order to initiate the violence at an otherwise peaceful protest. One panelist responded quickly with the word "Montebello" which tells me that a lot of people are aware that the Canadian Government was caught red handed doing this before in Montebello Quebec at the SPP summit in 2007.

I produced a film called "The Nation's Deathbed " which details the events that transpired at the SPP summit in Montebello and how the Quebec police had undercover officers dressed as aggressive protesters whose jobs were to be agent provocateurs.

Knowing that the Canadian government was capable of doing this again at the G20 summit in Toronto, I asked Constable George Tucker (who is in charge of the Toronto Police Unit and is working with the Integrated Security Unit which is an amalgamation of RCMP, OPP, Toronto Police Service, Military and CSIS) if he could assure me that the Toronto police would not use agent provocateurs at the G20 summit. Constable Tucker responded to my question by stating that he could not discuss security issues in an open format.

Canadians need to continue to remain vocal about what transpired at the G20 summit. I am glad to have met so many fellow patriots who told me their stories and we here at Press For Truth will continue our post G20 coverage for as long as it takes in order for the people of Canada to receive justice where justice is due.
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