G20 Toronto - Can I See Your ID?

The rights of Canadians have been pushed aside during the G20 summit as a result of the “Public Works Protection Act” which gives police powers to stop, search and potentially arrest anyone at almost any given time. The law which has recently been expanded for the G20 less than a week ago gives police the ability to arrest anyone within 5 meters of the security fence. However as PFT reporter Bryan Law recently found out, their idea of 5 meters differs greatly from conventional measurements.

If you happen to be involved with one of the 5 major media conglomerates here in Canada then you will not have a problem. But if you are a member of an independent media outlet like Press for Truth than you can expect a rigorous security check in almost any area of the city. The loss of freedoms is often achieved incrementally and we must oppose these unconstitutional steps towards tyranny at every given chance. Today it’s 5 meters, tomorrow it’s 10 and before you know it Toronto will be transformed into a police state where everything that we Canadians stand for and have fought for will be taken away in an effort to further control and micromanage our lives.

We here at Press for Truth will continue to document and expose these draconian measures in order to show the world what the mainstream media isn’t covering.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

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