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On July 3rd 2015 I interviewed Lauren Southern of The Rebel Media to get her views on being removed as a candidate of the Libertarian Party in response to her viral slut walk video. After hearing from Lauren that Tim Moen, leader of the Libertarian party was "very supportive, he said he thought that it was a non issue and he congratulated me in a message telling me to keep my activism up"...I knew there was a disconnect between himself, Lauren and the party so I suggested to Tim that he come visit the PFT studio and meet with me and Lauren to clear the air. Tim ended up doing just that and today PFT is proud to announce that a mutual agreement that works for all sides has been reached.




Statement from Tim:

"Lauren Southern and I met face to face last night to see if we could reconcile. In this conversation I was able to confirm Lauren's commitment to the party and our team and I was able to affirm my commitment to Lauren's freedom of speech. I am happy to announce that Lauren's suspension has been lifted and she has been reinstated as a candidate. This reconciliation has been an ongoing process that has been difficult due to inflammatory media and social media. I apologize to people who have been hurt or let down in this incident, particularly those volunteers who have received unfair criticism and characterization in the media. Going forward I will be working hard to fix the issues that could have prevented this incident: lines of communication and accountability will be clarified, candidates will be offered more training and support, we will strengthen our on-boarding process and I will be personally calling all candidates in the upcoming weeks." - Tim Moen


Statement from Lauren:

"Yesterday Tim Moen and I had a productive conversation about the future of the Libertarian party and my part to play in it. We both agreed that what transpired over the past two weeks was bad for the party. I have been assured that Tim completely supports my freedom of speech and right to express it through mediums such as The Rebel and other social media platforms. I have also agreed to communicate better with the party and maintain a level of professionalism so the party can go forward as a team. Diversity of thought - protecting each individual's opinions, values, and expressions - is central to libertarianism. In a time of growing cultural and political intolerance, I look forward to promoting a libertarian party that stands up for this kind of diversity. I very much appreciate all of the support I have received, and I hope those of you who felt alienated from the party in recent days will regain some of your confidence in us. Canada needs a libertarian party, and Canada needs liberty. Tim Moen and I are going to stand up for it. I hope you stand with us." - Lauren Southern


All in all it's a good day for liberty and the LPC to see this misunderstanding cleared up. With this reasonable approach Tim has proven himself to be a leader who is crucial for the success of the party and Lauren has shown that she is more than willing to put her best foot forward and to stand together for liberty. Moving forward I'm sure this won't be the last controversy of the LPC but as we've learned from this experience the most important thing is that we focus on the goal that we all share...fighting the good fight for liberty!



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