French military deployed: 2 more dead in raid on apartment in northern suburb

Since the recent attacks took place in Paris several days ago, where over 100 people lost their lives, several air-strikes have been conducted against ISIS in the Middle East. One NATO commander is also calling for at thousands of troops to be sent into Syria. Shortly after the attacks occurred, France declared a state of emergency and hurried to close their borders and initiate a full lock-down. They've been knocking down doors ever since, and today several more people lost their lives.  

As it currently stands, French military troops have been deployed to the northern area of Paris, and it has been confirmed that at least two terror suspects have died. It is alleged that one victim was shot, and the other blew herself up. It is said that the third suspect remains stationed in the apartment.

Since the recent attacks, it also looks like Canada is going to be dedicated to staying engaged in the conflict. Just a few weeks ago we heard that it was the plan to remove Canada's fighter jets from the conflict. But now we see that new support for the ongoing war has been found and Trudeau has committed Canada to be involved at least until next year.

The terror group has also made previous threats of an attack to be made against Canada, and despite this the Prime Minister wants to continue involving Canadians in an ongoing conflict that could foster even more of a threat for citizens here at home.

Obama recently said that they “have the right strategy” when it comes to defeating this enemy, but they have been at war with terror for over a decade now and their strategy seems to only be making matters worse. They've been attacking terror targets for years, and yet we are still facing terror now more so than ever. Are we to assume then that we will be at war forever? Surely we can expect to see just a reality as that, if we aren't going to consider changing any of our approaches to the problem.  For now, we can expect to see that there will be  plenty of conflict for many years to come yet. Peaceful or alternative solutions just aren't as profitable or popular as of yet.


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