French Government Wants To Extend State Of Emergency

 After the recent Terror attacks took place in Paris, France, a state of emergency was shortly declared and the authorities there were quickly awarded with expansive new powers. The nation initiated a lock-down in response to the attacks and the nation's parliament extended the country's state of emergency for several months. This allowed authorities to get access to powers that hadn't been had since 1955. Including the ability to detain people without trial, search homes without a warrant, and block any website that authorities believe to be posing a problem. But after several months, the French government says it now wants to extend that state of emergency.


Human rights groups have denounced the state of emergency and claim that abuses are taking place under the new powers. In one house raid it is claimed that police broke four of a disabled man's teeth before they realized that he wasn't the person that they were looking for. French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, says that the emergency powers don't signify an approval to abandon the rule of law and he has issued a directive to local authorities to warn them against committing any abuses.


In the past few months since the attacks took place, law enforcement officials in France have conducted over 3,200 raids and they have placed hundreds of people under house arrest. But the counter-terrorism unit itself is said to have only opened five terrorism-related investigations. The government is seeking to extend these powers for another three months. Critics say that the state has yet to provide any compelling evidence that justifies the need for these emergency measures to be extended. The state of emergency has already been extended once before and it had been scheduled to end on Feb. 26 of this year.


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