Freddie Gray Solidarity Protests Erupt In Several US Cities

Many more cities now across the US have had hundreds of people come out to the streets to show their solidarity in seeking justice for Freddie Gray. Hundreds were out in New York, where at least 60 people have already been arrested, holding signs and caught trying to leak out onto the busy streets with their message. Hundreds also marched in Denver, Boston, Missouri, Houston, Washington D.C., and other areas. The protests were for the most part peaceful overall; giving the mainstream media little to talk about.

In Baltimore, in an effort to try and calm things down the solution was to call in the National Guard to take over and officials called for a 10pm curfew to be imposed. At least 3,000 troops and police stood by to enforce the new rules. Following the week of chaos in Baltimore, thus far at least nineteen buildings have been destroyed, dozens of cars have been burned, and many stores were looted. For now, the US Department of Justice has opened an investigation to look into the death of Gray, who died as a result of fatal spinal injuries that he suffered as a result of his confrontation with six police officers. Those police officers are still on paid vacation for now until the issue is resolved.  

One well known Baltimore community activist was brave enough to defy the arguably illegitimate curfew, and he peacefully took to the streets and displayed civil disobedience before the police line-up, he was then black-bagged and kidnapped by costumed para-military troops because of it. His attorney has since then come out and said that he is okay, hasn't suffered any injuries, and he also defended the actions of his client in doing what he did.
The attorney told CNN that his client had been out on the streets warning protesters to go home, and that he was calling for the violence to come to an end. Regardless of his peaceful intentions, many still criticize the move of the activist and say that he should have been at home unquestionably obeying the newly-imposed curfew for the area.

It is also now being alleged by a prisoner, who was riding with Gray after the arrest, that Freddie Gray might have inflicted the injuries on himself, after he supposedly banged his head repeatedly, thus severing his spine. Needless to say, it's an account that isn't being bought by many. Also, a family member of one of the officers involved has now come out in support of the six involved, claiming that “no one else is standing-up for the officers” and that it's “not right.” Keep in mind that her account is purely speculation at this point, considering that she wasn't directly involved in the altercation and is only relaying what she supposedly was told from someone else. We will have to wait until the police are finished investigating themselves, until we can really know what happened for sure with regard to the altercation. 


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