Former NSA Tech Director Says Bulk Data Collection Is Useless And Dangerous

Former NSA tech director Bill Binney has repeatedly tried to educate the public on the benefits and shortcomings of NSA bulk data collection. In the past he has ridiculed the program for being a gigantic waste of money and he has urged citizens to rally and call for their representatives to end the spying. “All [of] the programs currently in use by the NSA have failed to produce results on anything,” says Binney. Not only that, but he now says that bulk data collection might actually cost lives.  

When it comes to NSA spying and bulk data collection, Binney says that it could actually make citizens more vulnerable to terror attacks and it could cost lives. While testifying before the U.S. government's Joint Select Committee, Binney argued that phishing expeditions like that which the NSA is engaged in, are counterproductive in that they could cost lives in the United States. Also, he criticized the data collection method of the NSA for its tendency to overload intelligence analysts with too much information. 

When it comes to the recent terror attack in France, Binney says that if they had been using a more targeted approach for data collection, then he suggests that they “could have had the opportunity to stop them before the attack” back in November. When it comes to finding criminal threats, Binney suggested that a more targeted approach would prove to be more beneficial. When it comes to the data that the NSA has been collecting for several years now, Binney says that they have “consistently failed” in their endeavor. 

“With NSA's budget of over $10 billion a year, they have more resources to acquire your data than you can ever hope to defend against. This has to be addressed in law and legislation,” says Binney. When it comes to trying to stop or prevent further failure and wasting of resources, Binney recommends that the citizens try to contact their local representatives and complain. “they duped the public into thinking they need to do bulk surveillance and this has allowed them to almost triple their budgets,” says Binney. 


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