Follow the Elite Plans by Looking for the Riskiest Return

Not everyone is buying into this grand paper scheme. The BRICS want out and the U.S. is doing what it can to speed up the process. At least that's the impression. The Fed keeps printing money and people keep accepting it. Washington keeps bombing everyone but nobody stops them. The IRS are shooing foreigners away from using the U.S. banking system so finally the BRICS start talking.


If there is a concerted effort to implode the US economy, then it appears to be working.


Why would establishment types want to destroy their own economy? There is incentive. The main difference between petty establishment types like Hilary Clinton and the ruling old boys like Rockefeller is time preference. Clinton's job is advertising and public relations for 4 – 8 years. Rockefeller owns America. He has a longer-term outlook.


That's why, during the 19th century, you were smart to invest in America. Whether by moving there and owning property or by being a Rothschild bank. Most British investors saw America as a wild, risky, foolish investment. Great Britain were in charge, things were going fine. The Sun never sets on the British Empire. In the 1860s, America was engulfed in civil war.


But by the early 1900s things looked differently. America was coming of age and the British Empire was setting. The robber barons of America may have had the financial backing of European old boys “in the know” but only after they had proven themselves capable of producing value. European investment in America could be a risky venture. Earlier, the Baring Brothers had lost a fortune with Andrew Jackson in America and by giving bad loans to the Government of Mexico (interestingly, it was Canadian Confederation that finally rewarded some return for the bank).


Now this isn't to say all history is the result of a few nation-builders. But those few old boys in Europe that saw the potential of America, understood its risks and had the means to change the outcome – took the chance at subverting a continent. The Canadians were already under control, after all. On December 23rd 1913, the European and American financial elite received their Federal Reserve System. The ability to print money was at their fingertips. The ability for the masses to create generational wealth was severely diminished with the advent of the central bank.


As the 20th century rolled along, the game became order out of chaos. Those who invest early in a venture, and are in the know, profit enormously. Even now, the power elite create opportunities for themselves in regions of the world that are discouraged by conventional thinking. By creating chaos, they up the return on their risk. Build-up certain areas of world while crashing others.


So where are these riskier, but generational returns today? If we look at the Middle East, one sees death, destruction and cultural subversion as the children of today become the “terrorists” of tomorrow. But with NATO-support of the Kurds and the CIA's role in balkanization via the Islamic State, the two opposing forces are bankrolled by the same power elite. What is the long-term plan for Iraq and the Middle East?



When Europe was in the Dark Ages, Baghdad was the happening place. As the capital of the Abbasid Empire, it housed libraries, schools and gold. Eventually the Mongolians attacked and pillaged everything. It was said the rivers ran black from the ink of the books destroyed.


Things never got better for Baghdad or the surrounding area.


And it didn't get better in 2003. The neocon ideology had the invading forces destroy historic artifacts and archaeological sites. But the goal has always been oil. This isn't about George W. Bush and it goes far beyond the presidency. This is about the power-elite creating generational wealth and perhaps a resurgence of the Islamic Golden Age as the West comes to term with its insolvency.


A lot can happen in ten years.


Iraq is now part of the central banking family. Oil is a catalyst to economic development. The amount of construction and infrastructure projects in Iraq make China's ghost cities look pitiful. The Kurds sit on Kirkuk, making their oil on a per-capita basis, the largest in the nation.


Then there is this to consider: Genel Energy is one the biggest players in the Kurdish oil fields. This company has an impressive Board of Directors, including the “Honorable” Nathaniel Rothschild. The CEO of Genel? Mr. Hayward, of BP fame.


Iraq is not a destitute hell-hole. The American Embassy is larger than the Vatican. There is already economic development; oil money is only going to bring in more. Kurdistan has its own tax system and tax enforcers. With personal tax rates as low as 5%, and a corporate tax rate at 15%, the potential for economic growth in non-oil investments increase. Especially when those tax rates aren't strictly enforced. Think of the transformation Dubai went under in 10 years. Except Kurdistan has ten times more oil but with the same population.


While the West, including Canada, send forces to Iraq while training and arming both sides of the conflict, one must take a step back and look at the broader picture. Wherever the Military Industrial Complex is creating chaos, look for the old boys of Europe securing another generation of wealth and power. As the West bankrupts itself in these foreign wars, the power-elite are setting up shot in Baghdad.


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