Fluoride From Food

Did you know that one of the main sources of fluoride exposure isn’t from water but in non-organic foods? Factory farms routinely use fluoride-based pesticides which end up as residue on our food. According to some research, non-organic foods may account for as much as one-third of the average person’s fluoride intake. This includes non-organic fresh produce, breakfast cereals, juices, deboned meats like deli meats and lunch meats, as well as black or green tea. Surprisingly, even organic black and green teas are known to have traces of fluoride. I just switched from organic coffee to organic tea. I think may switch back.

Fluoride, as PFT has covered on numerous occasions, leads to bone cancer and all kinds of other aliments. Fluoride also has the ability to interact with other chemicals and heavy metals, making it much more harmful than it is on its own. When added to the water supply, certain combinations (for example, chloramines mixed with hydrofluorosilicic acid) become effective at extracting lead from the plumbing system. So under the right conditions, fluoridation of water promotes the drinking of lead-tainted water. I wonder if this is a problem at Queens Park in Ontario, where the old lead pipes are still in use…

The fluoride ion acts as a transport for heavy metals, allowing them to enter your body and find their way to places they normally couldn’t go – like your brain.

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