The Financial Collapse Is Coming... But When?

When it comes to the US dollar, and the perpetual deterioration of this fiat currency, many have speculated over the years that it would eventually meet its demise; like so many other fiat currencies have before it. Some, like Jeff Berwick, have even been so bold as to predict (back in 2010) that the financial collapse could come in as little as 5 to 10 years. The market continues to be propped-up on credit, containing multiple bubbles, and an increasing number of people are wondering how long it is going to last for. Some financial experts have estimated that we could possibly see some major market turmoil later this year, and into the next.

Will the Federal Reserve raise rates? Will they continue on with another round of printing (QE)? There are differing opinions among those within the financial sector. Peter Schiff has stated that he doesn't believe any raise in rates is coming, because the economy isn't strong enough to handle a rate hike. He predicts that there could be another possible round of quantitative easing (QE4). Some say that we could possibly see negative interest rates, like a growing number of places overseas have already begun to experiment with. With negative interest rates, this means that depositors are actually charged to keep their money in an account; a move closely connected to the increasing war on cash around the world.



There are many who continue to buy into the Fed's promises, repeatedly believing the warning that an imminent rate-hike could be coming soon. As Schiff has pointed out on that matter though, if the economy wasn't strong enough to withstand a rate-hike in September, then why would it be strong enough to withstand one in October or the following months? The underlying problems haven't been solved, they have been covered-up by cheap money and credit.

“She's been saying that all along,” says Schiff, about Yellen's promise of a coming rate-hike later this year. For which, the possibility of one coming now “is no greater than it was in January,” says Schiff. The numbers coming out are continually unfavorable, most of the economic news is consistent with recession and not with recovery, as experts like Mike Maloney and Peter Schiff continue to point out. In reality, the government has borrowed almost half-a-trillion dollars in the last seven months alone. The ongoing turmoil surrounding fiat currencies, like the US dollar, is prompting an increasing number of people to look elsewhere in an effort to store their wealth. 


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