Fight Still Ongoing Against Bill C-24

 There remains an ongoing challenge in Canada against Bill C-24, which introduced new rules on immigration that came into effect just last year. Although, the Bill itself was introduced by the Conservative government back in 2014. This piece of legislation was controversial because it effectively established a sort of two-tiered citizenship and now allows for Canadian citizens to have their citizenship revoked. It also affords immigration officials the discretion over whether or not to revoke an individuals citizenship, with little in the way of appeals for the individual. It has been criticized by Amnesty International, and other various civil liberties associations. New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also made promises that the new Liberal government would repeal this controversial legislation.

 Various MPs last week were calling on the federal government to make good on that promise, and to address the legislation now. Among concerns, they want the government to ease restrictions on the English or French language proficiency test for new immigrants. Others are saying that they want the age requirements adjusted. NDP leader Tom Mulcair has also previously declared that he is dedicated to repealing the Bill as well.


If Trudeau isn't ready to make good on his promise to scrap this law, then there is still hope for remedy to be sought before the courts. Constitutional scholar Rocco Galati has also previously stated that he would seek to launch a challenge against Bill C-24, along with his already ongoing fight against the Bank of Canada. However, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL) were the ones who last year decided to officially launch a formal challenge against C-24 in court. They say that the new law violates the Constitution.

Minister John McCallum recently announced that Canadians should be expecting some radical changes in immigration coming in the next few weeks. Many are looking to and expecting that Trudeau will move ahead and fulfill his promises of addressing C-24.




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