Fear or Priority: Why won't Trudeau stand-up for the rights of the citizens he supposedly represents?

In the past year, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have voiced their concerns for the recently enacted anti-terrorism legislation (c-51). From civil liberties associations like the BCCLA to the Canadian Bar, we have heard from numerous experts within the security, law, and policing field, collectively warning Canadians that this legislation is a gross violation to their civil liberties. Not only that, but many experts have said that this law is unnecessary in that the police already possess the ability to detect, find, and criminalize any wrongdoing. Constitutional scholar Rocco Galati has already promised Canadians that he will fight this law in court, and he has warned against any Canadians voting for a representative who would support such a violation to the liberties of Canadian citizens.



New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has publicly stated that he is dedicated to taking a look at c-51, and re-visiting the idea of making changes to this legislation. However, for many Canadians that simply isn't enough. Many citizens want this bill scrapped entirely, and there is no clear reason as to why Trudeau isn't rushing to make that happen. Are his priorities to represent the will of the citizenry? Or is there another agenda at play? Because the Canadian people have made it clear that they don't agree with this legislation. They have been voicing their concerns for over a year now, why does Trudeau need to hear any more? It's time for action, and time for Trudeau to show the Canadian people that he is different from the last political puppet.


Via OpenMedia.ca, thousands of Canadians have again signed a petition in an effort to get Trudeau to grasp the severity of the issue, and to truly understand that Canadians don't agree with this law. Trudeau has made the promise of possibly overhauling this controversial legislation, and Canadians want to let him know that they aren't going to stop voicing their concerns over this issue. Over 150 business leaders, civil liberties groups, academic experts, former leaders of Canada, and many others, have all collectively come-out to call for a full repeal of C-51.


Dan Dicks previously confronted Trudeau while he was in Vancouver, and he questioned him about his flip-flopping stance on C-51. Many Canadians were surprised when the Liberal party helped the Conservatives to get this legislation passed. On that one move alone, the Liberal party seemed to lose a tremendous amount of support. From then on, leading up until the election, the Liberals did everything that they could in order to convince Canadians that they would re-visit this law, and that they truly do stand to represent the best interest of the citizens. This issue is one that many Canadians said was a major voting concern for them. If Trudeau isn't dedicated to scrapping and overhauling this law entirely, then the last hope remains with Galati and his legal challenge against it in court.



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