The Failure Of The War On Terror

When the war on terror first began shortly after the Sept 11th attacks, political leaders urged the public to get on-board with the initiative because they were told that we needed to “fight them over there so [that] we don't have to fight them over here.” And so began a war that has now lasted over a decade, killed hundreds of thousands of people, and cost trillions of dollars. There has also been astounding environmental damage that has been inflicted around the globe, by the weapons that have been used over the years for this endeavor, and keep in mind that it has been inflicted as a result of a war that was pushed for by individuals who frequently claim to care deeply about the environment. They promised us that they were engaging in these wars because it was going to keep us safe back at home, but we can see now that quite the opposite has resulted.

We are told now that because terrorist groups are losing their ground in Syria, with allegedly 12 percent of their territory being lost, that they will be looking to branch out in more “traditional” ways in an effort to continue with their violence. And we have seen them (supposedly) begin initiating attacks in other areas around the world. So what was the point of fighting them over there if it inevitably didn't keep them from coming here? What is the point of the trillions of dollars funneled into programs like the TSA and NSA if they haven't demonstrated that they have the efficiency or the ability to properly investigate these sorts of threats so as to prevent them from occurring? They can't keep us safe because they cannot ever ensure total protection for an individual or a given society and they shouldn't make bold promises insinuating that they can. If they could provide us with total protection then we could assert that no individual would ever be victimized within a prison, where the state's control and security should be exercised to its fullest, but we know that this isn't the case.


When innocent civilians here at home are harmed, we are told (by those initiating these endless violent wars) that further victimization is the solution, take away the guns and that will solve the problem. But gun control didn't solve the problem in France and it didn't help to keep those people safe from their attacker. And now that attacks are happening so close to home, it only further provides fodder for the warmongers to insist that we need to extend the ongoing fighting, because clearly a threat in the world still exists. But are their actions making the problem better or worse? Because after 15 years, the media is telling us that terror remains a rampant threat, thus the war has failed and if anything only sown more seeds of hate and anger; making us perpetually less safe here at home.


“Our 'strategy' empowers what might have been marginal terrorist groups, and seems almost designed to do so. We attacked Iraq, and created a power vacuum which al-Qaeda and ISIS filled: then we aligned with 'moderate' jihadists in Syria in order to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and drain off support from ISIS. Instead we accomplished exactly the opposite of our intended goal: the 'moderates' defected to ISIS and al-Qaeda and the 'Caliphate' grew in size and stature.” - Justin Raimondo


But their failure isn't going to stop them, they will continue forging ahead with the same endless ghost-chase and they'll even have the nerve to propose new conflicts for us to consider, like that between NATO and Russia; which Canada has eagerly involved itself in. 


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