Failed Again: Don't Hold Your Breath Over Fed Audit

So close but yet so far, the audit the fed attempt failed yet again this time around. Over the years very few people have tried to expose the seeming criminality surrounding the Federal Reserve monetary system and the number of those interested in its activities continues to grow. It has been thanks to the prominent work of G. Edward Griffin with his book The Creature from Jekyll Island, and Ron Paul with his book End The Fed, who can really be credited with pushing the truth forward about the federal reserve. Ron Paul spent his entire career trying to educate the public on the fed's policies, and now his son Rand Paul is passionate about doing the same. The topic of the fed has made its way into the conversations of many who perhaps otherwise wouldn't have heard the truth about this mostly private central bank.

Despite growing concern for the fed and its actions, political representatives still won't budge when it comes to auditing the fed to see exactly what kind of damage has been done. Thus far, we know that thanks to the federal reserve's policies, the US dollar has lost over at least 90 percent of its value. The US has also built-up an enormous amount of debt and liabilities for itself; signing future generations up to pay the price.


The recent proposal that was put forth in yet another attempt to audit the fed has now failed to pass the US Senate. Bernie Sanders has been raising slight concern over the federal reserve lately and this time around he actually voted in favor of the bill. However, in order to pass it required 60 signatures and instead it ended-up only getting 53.

Janet Yellen made sure to pen a letter to Senate leadership which urged them to oppose the bill, she said that if signed into law that the bill would be a “grave mistake, detrimental to the economy and the American people,” which is rather far from the truth. What is detrimental to the economy and the American people is to allow a system to continue that perpetuates debt and breeds inflation, it makes it harder for people to afford what they need and thus decreases their standard of living. To date the fed has already played a large part in eroding a vast majority of the purchasing power for the American dollar, and yet Yellen parades around against this bill as if this isn't a blatantly unquestionable mathematical reality.

For some, the time for an audit has since come and gone and they are more concerned with pushing to end this establishment rather than hoping for an audit.


It isn't likely that this banking establishment is going to be ended anytime soon however. And unfortunately, many other nations (even Canada) have their own central banks that have likewise caused similar debt-based scenarios for their citizens. But people are continuing to wake-up to the truth and they are awakening to the reality of the textbook examples of counterfeiting and fraud that are involved when it comes to the monetary system. Sooner or later we are going to see the inevitable fruits of the fed's terrible policies. 


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