Eye In The Sky: Canada Looks To Militarized Drones

The Canadian Air Force is moving forward with its plans for a weaponized drone program and it has asked military contractors to illustrate how they might build a Canadian drone fleet. They are looking to use the drones for a variety of tasks, including bombing terror suspects and spying on protesters. It is said that the Canadian Air Force is seeking as many as 12 drones.



Take into account that when it comes to drones that are presently utilized, former operators themselves have said that the program causes more harm than good. When it comes to targeting the right individual, the drone is often wrong and causes severe collateral damage in the process. The use of U.S. drones in Pakistan and other countries has helped to deteriorate that nations reputation around the world, many people regard the U.S. to be a warmongering nation, and do we truly want Canada to follow down the same path and send various drones abroad? Canada has traditionally held the position of being known as a peace-keeping nation, but it looks as though Trudeau is intent on furthering the war-stance that Harper has already positioned for Canada.

It is alleged that the government plans to acquire the drones as soon as possible in order to use them to cover Arctic surveillance. The Joint Unmanned Surveillance and Target Acquisition System (JUSTAS) is going to be the one to deliver the final 12 unmanned aircraft and it is suggested that the drones are going to be built in Canada. The Canadian government has even allegedly considered looking at the American Reaper and Predator drones for potential use in their drone army.


The air force allegedly wants the final drones to be able to travel for at least 150 kilometers from an operating base and be able to attack a target within only 30 minutes of getting the go-ahead confirmation to do so. The air force is also looking toward the future possibility of drones being able to fly without a pilot. Current drone technologies are being developed at the Robotics Institute, among other places, which seek to enable self-flying drones.


Former drone operators themselves have publicly spoken out about the cruelty of the assassination program and so it's no surprise then that the state would move in a direction that seeks to have drones operating without a pilot. When it comes to current drone strike history around the world, roughly 90% of the victims turn out to be the wrong targets and innocent civilians. This is why the program ends-up causing more harm than good which it seeks to produce.

If Canada is going to pursue a Canadian drone fleet and continue following down the same path that we have seen the U.S. walk down for the past several decades, then we can expect to see further erosion of civil liberties for citizens not only in Canada, but for the many who might be wrongfully targeted abroad in the future. 



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