Doctors Turn Militant In Venezuela As Starvation Continues

The economic conditions are steadily worsening for Venezuelans and things have gotten so bad there now that a number of doctors are desperately protesting by holding a hunger strike. Things have declined to the point where roughly eight out of 10 medicines are now scarce and a number of the doctors who remain in the country are becoming increasingly militant over the shortages of equipment, medicine, and more.


The government-leaning Supreme Court recently declined a list of doctors' demands in Venezuela's National Assembly and government officials continue to insist that there is no ongoing humanitarian crisis and therefore no need for assistance. Meanwhile, hundreds of Venezuelan women and children were recently seen marching into Colombia illegally, in an effort to demand the right to purchase basic food necessities. Once they were able to purchase their basic foods like flour and milk, they turned around and went home without incident; many were even seen stopping at the border on their way back to pray in gratitude.


The increasing starvation, along with the declining economic standards, has prompted many citizens to start selling their belongings. From selling their furniture or family heirlooms, to their clothes and other belongings, Venezuelans are struggling to find a way to pay for food or save enough funds to leave the country altogether. Food has increased 315 per cent in just 2015 alone and a growing number of individuals in the country are struggling to survive. Hundreds of protests have taken place across the country over food shortages and declining economic conditions and there doesn't seem to be any coherent solution in the works yet, that seeks to help any of the ongoing problems.



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