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Episode 11 

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Episode #11 Jordan Page - Full Show

Episode 10


Today on The Dan Dicks Show we're joined on the line by Christian Blaze to talk about his mini series concept titled "Death Row Democracy"  

Episode #10 Christian Blaze - Full Show

Episode 9 


Today on The Dan Dicks Show we're joined on the line by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media to discus his coverage of the CFS child and family services and how under their watch children are being kidnapped by the state

Episode #9 Josh Sigurdson - Full Show 

Episode 8 


Today on The Dan Dicks Show we're joined on the line by Josh Steffler of Freedom Free For All TV and We Are Change Victoria to talk about the climate change conference in Paris and agenda 21 as well as how cointelpro has created and is using the politically correct movement to divide and conquer

Episode #8 Josh Steffler - Full Show 

Episode 7 


Today we are joined on the line by Richard Heathen of Liberty Machine News to talk about the climate change conference in Paris and also how the pc movement is advancing agenda 21

Episode 7 Richard Heathen - Full Show


Episode 6 


Today on The Dan Dicks Show we are joined on the phone by Joshua Abraham son of Larry Abraham who co authored the best seller "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" to talk about the significance that his fathers books have today in a time where the middle east is brewing up a third world war and when the west is facing an epic battle of varying ideologies. Joshua points out how this has all been foretold through Biblical prophecy and how the dead sea scrolls prove the ancient text to be the true word of God.

Episode 6 Joshua Abraham - Full Show 

Episode 5



Episode 5 - Syrian Refugees Round Table Discussion Full Show

Episode 4


Today on The Dan Dicks Show Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante joins the program to discus everything from finance, to heath, troubles in the middle east, the occult, spirituality and all things anarchy!

Episode #4 Full Show - Jeff Berwick

Episode 3


Today on The Dan Dicks Show, the Truth Warrior David Whitehead joins the program to discuss not only what currently plagues mankind's minds and bodies spiritually and physically but more importantly what the individual can do to be healthier and happier and therefore a stronger force to contend with in the fight against the new world order. 

Episode #3 Full Show - David Whitehead 


Episode 2


Today on The Dan Dicks show, award winning cannabis grower and activist Chad Jackett joins the program to discuss the recent Canadian election and win by Justin Trudeau of the Liberals who ran on a platform of a promose to legalize cannabis. Dan and Chad discuss what this model may look like and also what both the consumers and growers of cannabis in Canada would like to see.

Episode #2 - Full Show - Chad Jackett 


Episode 1


Today on The Dan Dicks Show Fritz Springmeier joins us to talk about 2015 doomsday predictions, other predictions that came and went, Israel's connections to the west and bible prophesy, the economy, Isis and the syrian refugee crisis and the potential for WW3! 

Episode #1 Full Show - Fritz Springmeier 


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